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6 Key Metrics That Boost Repair Revenue

Service contractors that work on complex equipment and systems all understand the importance and value of repair revenue for the overall success and profitability of their business. Most companies also recognize that the opportunity for repair work is often found while providing recurring services such as preventative maintenance work or system inspections. Unfortunately, most companies do not […]


27 Local SEO Tactics for Service Contractors

Every company wants to easily be found on Google, but search engine optimization (SEO) is a mysterious realm for most people, especially service contractors who deal with a unique set of challenges associated with local search results. Working to rank high in searches conducted by people in your nearby communities is a service company’s most important form of SEO. We are always […]

Reduce Risk: The Dash Cam Lesson

Every once in a while, I like to eat my own dog food, and this time it tasted like sweet justice. Just a few weeks ago I wrote a blog post, Photo Cliches Drive Sales and Retention for Service Contractors, wherein I identify the value pictures hold in their enduring ability to accurately and infallibly tell the whole story. Writing that blog post got […]


Mobile Device Management for Service Contractors

Smartphones, tablets, and mobile applications have finally reached both a price and a level of functionality that make them an absolute no-brainer for service contractors.  Aside from the obvious risk of device breakage (read our earlier post about this), contractors that deploy mobile devices to more than a few field techs quickly discover a tangle of IT-related device management headaches. Setting up the email […]

Hiring the Best Field Service Technicians

Are you as frustrated as George Costanza when it comes to hiring field service technicians? Finding and hiring the best employees is one of the most difficult challenges any business will face. With that said, service contractors have it far worse than most industries due to the declining interest many young folks have in trade labor. […]

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Don’t Let the Back-Office Tail Wag the Company Dog

All too often, as field service companies are considering new software, they base decisions on their historical software usage patterns and let the tail wag the dog.  Since accounting software is the primary, and often only, business application in use, companies search for ways to extend back-office capabilities to the front office and beyond.  This line of thinking is understandable, but […]

Coke – A Lesson in Branding for Service Contractors

No matter what your deep-seated opinion about what the best soda may be, Coke has a premium brand that all service contractors can both appreciate and strive to reproduce. Coca-Cola’s march to market domination was driven by forced ingenuity brought on by poor business dealings that led to the price of Coke sticking to 5¢ […]