Service Portal

Give your customers the convenience of an online account to view their service history, view and approve open quotes, and preview upcoming appointments.

Service Portal sets you apart.

You’ll be known for providing awesome customer service.

See Service Portal in this video.

Your Website. Your Brand.

The login and pages of Service Portal meld into the design and user experience of your website. Service Portal is a WordPress plugin built and maintained by ServiceTrade.

Newly scheduled or completed jobs are added to Service Portal, so there’s always new information to keep them coming back for more.

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Convenient Online Service Request

Simple web forms are an easy way for customers to request service. Requests are logged in your ServiceTrade account where dispatchers schedule the appointment and assign techs to do the work.

Service History Available 24/7/365

Customers log in to Service Portal on your website to view every detail about their service history. Service Portal displays:

  • A summary of the service work completed
  • Documents, forms, photos, and videos you’ve chosen to share
  • Deficiencies (equipment issues) that were recorded during the service appointment

Preview Scheduled Appointments

Upcoming appointments are listed so the customer can preview when you’ll be there and what you plan to do. Customers see that nothing slips through the cracks when they work with you.

Give your customers an experience that makes it easy to say YES to spending more with you.

Open Quotes Are Easy to Find and Approve

Quotes you’ve sent to the customer are listed, so they know what open issues need resolution. Customers simply click the link to visit the online quote with see your estimate, photos or videos you’ve included, and the big green APPROVE button.

Rich Media Paints the Picture

Customers access job documentation online instead of in time-consuming emails. You choose which photos, videos, paperwork, and forms from the job are available in the customer’s Service Portal account.

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