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Field Service Management

Technician Mobile Application

Give techs the tools and information they need to stay productive. The technician mobile application for Android and Apple devices gives techs all the work order and customer info they need.

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Simplify Image and Data Collection

Collect tons of information from every service call about the customer’s equipment.

Report Deficiencies and Repair Opportunities

Guide technicians through the steps to report issues that convert into high-margin repair work.

Use Barcode Scanning to Improve Efficiency

Take advantage of barcode scanning to give field technicians shortcuts for every job.


Increase Technician Productivity

Access Customer Info and Update the Office Instantly

Techs have all the customer information they need in the palm of their hand. GPS time tracking updates the office, holds techs accountable, and logs time spent on every job.

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Capture Rich Records

Take pictures, record audio notes, digitize paperwork, and capture the customer signature for the office to share online with the customer later.

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Create Quotes in the Field

Field technicians and sales staff who need to quickly create a quote and receive approval can create quotes in the field. This permission-based feature can easily be turned on or off for any user.

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Collect Signatures

There will be no question about what work was delivered. Your customers will sign off on work electronically.

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Track Time

Downtime kills profitability. Summarize clock time and activity to better understand tech productivity.

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Record parts and labor used on every job

Field technicians don’t need to think twice about recording the parts and time they’re using for each job for more accurate customer invoices.

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Other ServiceTrade Features that Mobilize Field Technicians

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Optimize route planning with a map-based approach to field service scheduling.

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Dispatch field service technicians, monitor daily progress, and respond to service calls quickly from the dispatch board with our service technician scheduling software

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Parts Manager

Predict the parts technicians will need for each job to stop wasting their time.

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Inspection Manager

Give technicians inspection forms so they perform inspections correctly.

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Looking for help choosing the best mobile application for field technicians?

How can field technicians better stay in touch with the office team?

An effective field software mobile app provides technicians all the customer information needed without back-and-forth phone calls with or trips to the office. ServiceTrade enables techs to easily access data about their schedule, the details of each work order, the customer’s location, and equipment service history.
With GPS tracking, the office can see where technicians are on their routes and add repair calls accordingly. The mobile app also enables technicians to seamlessly log their hours on the job and electronically share work order paperwork with the office, giving techs more time to perform the on-site work that they’re uniquely skilled to do.

How can the mobile app help with quoting?

The mobile app’s permission-based quoting enables technicians and sales people to create quotes in the field when needed. With ServiceTrade, technicians can also capture photos, videos, and notes to fully document repair needs or deficiencies. Proper documentation and instant access to records allow the office to quickly and more accurately quote repairs, improving quote approval rates. Data shows that quotes sent within one business day with rich media attached are more likely to be accepted by customers.

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