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Automate Collections With InvoiceSherpa

Billy Marshall
April 15, 2015

In today’s connected world, new online services are popping up each day to improve the connections between you and your customers. One connection that is critical is the payment connection, and we found a cool app called InvoiceSherpa to help you.

This fantastic product helps service contractors better manage their invoices and boosts cash flow by helping speed collections.  Cash is the lifeblood of all small companies, and InvoiceSherpa can truly deliver more cash.    Instead of monitoring your invoices and sending reminders, InvoiceSherpa does the heavy lifting of reminding clients about due dates, forgotten invoices, and upcoming payment schedules.


InvoiceSherpa reminder interface

From the InvoiceSherpa website —

Automated Invoice Reminders

The key to staying on top of your invoices and accounts receivable is letting customers know the current status of their invoices. Using InvoiceSherpa you can easily automate the entire process including reminders when:

  • An Invoice is created.
  • A due date is coming up.
  • The invoice is past due.
  • A thank you when payment has been received.

All of these items can be scheduled at different intervals with a unique template that you customize to fit your custom branding. Our goal is to be a seamless extension of your business.

InvoiceSherpa is one more example of the rapid fire innovation that is available with online services these days. If you still believe you should be running your service contracting business with a single “all in one” application running on a PC server in your closet, you are missing out on a world of great capability.

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