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Artificial Intelligence

Smart AI

The first Artificial Intelligence tools for commercial service contractors

Artificial Intelligence for Commercial Contractors

Make Better Decisions Faster

Summarize Service History

ServiceTrade Smart AI generates an equipment service summary for technicians using:

  • Multiple pages of service history
  • Deficiency reports
  • Comments
  • Attachments


The faster the technician understands what’s happened with this equipment in the past, the sooner they can get to work.

Predict Equipment Issues

ServiceTrade Smart AI can predict what might go wrong with equipment in the future. It will suggest common failures with any malfunctioning equipment and how to fix it, giving less experienced technicians more confidence and helps every technician solve problems more quickly.

Gather and Clean Data

To figure out exactly what the customer needs to know, ServiceTrade Smart AI sorts gathers and cleans all of the job data, including:

  • Service descriptions
  • Comments
  • Deficiencies
  • Photos, videos, and audio notes


Smart AI will even transcribe a video from the technician, and then edit the copy to make sure it’s professional and ready for the customer.

Create Job Summaries

ServiceTrade Smart AI creates a thorough but simple job summary that pulls the entire story together.

Smart AI is built into the Service Link workflow, so your office staff can easily share this high-level review when it’s time to send the after-service report to the customer.

How We Serve Field Service Management Businesses Like Yours

Year track record
Invoiced annually
Assets managed
Customer reviews
Year track record
Invoiced annually
Assets managed
Customer reviews

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“Artificial Intelligence is going to play a critical role in upgrading your work routines to serve the best customers in your market with the best information and the best outcomes.”

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