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About ServiceTrade

Building the Future for Commercial Contractors

Our Company

About ServiceTrade

ServiceTrade is the software platform that helps commercial HVAC, mechanical, and fire contractors grow their profits. During a persistent skilled labor shortage, contractors use ServiceTrade to control the costly chaos of on-demand work and effectively deliver contract commitments. ServiceTrade streamlines service and project operations to reduce administrative costs, optimizes field performance to increase revenue per technician, and boosts sales and client retention to grow margins

ServiceTrade Values

At ServiceTrade, we thrive in a culture where

We are Bold

We challenge ourselves and push our customers and the commercial service market outside their comfort zones to change, improve, and grow.

We are Curious

Curiosity is the key to our innovation and growth. It drives us to improve ourselves, our work and our company.

We are Equals

We embrace diversity in all ways including but not limited to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, political philosophy, and religion and reject all injustices, bias, and marginalization of any people based on the same. We are stronger because we value, listen to, and learn from the individuality of our peers.

We get it done

We hire smart, creative, driven people, give them the resources to do their work, and we trust them to get it done. Employees know that what they do matters and makes a difference in achieving ServiceTrade’s mission.

We Collaborate

We collaborate across departments and levels. We are open and honest about our goals and if we are achieving them. Our success is tied to the success of our customers so we treat them like partners.

We are weird

We are confident in who we are and celebrate our quirks. We make each other laugh, think, and learn new things through our hobbies, habits, and humor.

We gather at the table

We step away from our work in celebration of our achievements and life’s biggest moments.

Executive Leadership

Billy Marshall
Chief Executive Officer
Brian Smithwick
Chief Technology Officer
Oscar Moreno
Chief Product Officer
Drew Peters
Chief Financial Officer
Eric Schieck
Chief Revenue Officer
Amy Robertson
Chief People Officer
Ramin Shahriari
Vice President of Engineering
Jaime Stella
Vice President of Product
James Jordan
Vice President of Artificial Intelligence
Danielle Hardy
Vice President of Professional Services
Anna McMahon
Vice President of Sales
Tim Spink
Vice President of Strategic Sales and Partnerships
Skip Mangum
Vice President of Account Management
Shawn Mims
Vice President of Marketing
Miriam Migdal
Vice President of Accounting