Service Timecard

The easiest, most accurate way for ServiceTrade users to track tech time and prepare for payroll.

  • Simplify time tracking.
  • Streamline timecard approval.
  • Import to your payroll systems.
Service timecard screenshot

Service Timecard has significantly streamlined our payroll capture from the field. And the integration with ServiceTrade allows us to see everything in a single view so we know we’re both billing our customers and paying our techs for the correct number of labor hours.

We saw a return on investment pretty much right away. We were undercharging customers for labor. Now we’ve not only simplified time tracking for our techs, but we’re also charging customers correctly

Customize to fit your business.

  • Select the items to include on your timecards, like labor, travel, training, vacation, expenses, and more.
  • Assign users and approvers permissions based on their role.
  • Define pay periods that match your pay cycle.

Simplify tracking time for your service technicians.

  • Use one application to track straight time, overtime, training, vacation, expenses, and more.
  • Save time by using auto-filled timecard data from ServiceTrade to review, confirm and approve timecards.
  • See past timecards whenever you need them.

Improve accuracy with verification at every step.

  • Send email notifications to viewers and approvers when a timecard is submitted.
  • Verify timecards through multi-level approval before processing payroll.
  • Resolve payroll disputes with the help of the audit trail in ServiceTrade.

Share data with your accounting and payroll systems.

  • Export the data you need to import into payroll and accounting systems like ADP, QuickBooks Online, Paylocity, Paychex, and more.
  • Customize export templates for reviewing job items, clock events, and expenses.
  • Generate accurate job costing with a complete view of costs.