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Project Management Software for Contractors

Project Management

ServiceTrade keeps projects on budget and on track, helping commercial service contractors effectively oversee their budgeted projects.

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Keep Projects On Budget and On Track

Catch issues before they become cost and schedule overruns.

Keep Everyone Up to Speed

Share real-time status updates with your team and customers.

Manage Projects and Services on the Same Platform

Simplify work for techs with software that manages the entire customer lifecycle.

Streamline Operations

Project Management Software for Contractors

Measure Financial Performance in Real-time to Stay on Budget

See up-to-the-minute status, costs, and revenue against the budget to ensure the project is on track.

Catch issues and eliminate disputes before they turn into cost overruns with project management tools for commercial service contractors. Monitor your performance of actual to budget and track down where project data indicates a problem.

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Monitor Operational Progress to Stay on Track or Analyze Delays

Go beyond the financials and see what’s happening on the ground with daily reports from the job site.

Track every project detail including schedules, materials, parts and labor utilization, and progress reporting to spot risks to the budget or schedule as soon as they begin to develop. Project managers stay in the know as everyone on the job site records the labor and materials being used and any problems that pop up.

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Keep Customers Informed

Give customers a timeline view of the project with pictures and videos of your progress.

Informed customers are happier customers. Providing proactive online reports on project and budget status cuts down on time-consuming phone calls.

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Issue Change Orders Online as Soon as They’re Needed

Catch overruns earlier and turn change orders around faster.

When the project shows signs of going into the red, send the customer change orders with photos, videos, audio, and descriptions of the need for the change. The budget will be automatically updated after the customer approves, so nobody has to guess if the budget is current—you’ll know it is.

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Hear About Problems First

Report major issues that are going to cause delays or overages with pictures and videos of what technicians are seeing on site.

When things don’t go according to plan, workers document the problem in the technician mobile application so project managers can understand the issue and act fast to stay on track.

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Simple Pricing

Office users are always free. Our subscription pricing lines up with your most valuable asset – technicians.

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Other ServiceTrade Features that Streamline Operations

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Optimize route planning with a map-based approach to field service scheduling.

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Dispatch field service technicians, monitor daily progress, and respond to service calls quickly from the dispatch board.

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Technician Mobile Application

Give technicians their schedules, job details, customer information, and service history on their devices.

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Business Reporting

Field service reports that help managers optimize field productivity and operate more efficiently.

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Easy and accurate technician time tracking and timecard approval for payroll processing.

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Looking for help with project management software for commercial service contractors?

What is project management software for contractors?

Project management software for contractors helps them manage projects from start to finish. It allows contractors to track project information such as, schedules, costs, and progress to stay on budget and keep all stakeholders informed. Contractors can use this type of project management software to manage installations, repairs, maintenance, and other types of projects more efficiently within one platform alongside their service operations.

What is the best project management software for contractors?

The best project management software for document management, project planning, and project scheduling is ServiceTrade’s specialized project management solution. It allows contractors to stay on budget and track progress across all of their projects. Contractors can use ServiceTrade to manage both projects and services in one integrated platform.

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