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Time-tracking Software for Contractors

Technician Timecards

ServiceTrade’s time-tracking app makes it easy to create and approve timecards and prepare them for payroll.

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Record Technician Time Easily

Technicians enter their hours daily and at the end of the pay period review and submit their timecard.

Make Fewer Timecard Mistakes

Reduce payroll disputes with timecards that are submitted by techs and approved by managers before payroll is processed.

Process payroll faster and more accurately

Add employee time and labor costs into accounting or payroll by file import and eliminate error-prone manual data entry.

Optimize Field Performance

Technician Timecards

Improve Timecard Accuracy and Stop Unnecessary Office Trips

Review, correct, and approve timecards and reimbursable expenses before technicians electronically submit them to their manager.

Time-tracking software shows technicians that their time on the way to, from, and at the job site is correct before sending their timecard to their manager, reducing mistakes and future payroll disputes.

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Ensure Management Approval of Timecards

Notify managers when timecards are ready for review and approval.

Ensure that the correct hours are recorded in time-tracking software before they go to accounting and payroll, eliminating mistakes that are difficult to correct.

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Export Timecard Data to Accounting and Payroll

Get accurate labor details into accounting and payroll from a timecard export in a few easy steps.

Verification checkpoints throughout the process reduce human error, making preparing for payroll and updating accounting faster and more accurate.

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Keep Track of Current Job Costs

Know how many labor hours and what labor costs are on the job day by day.

Timecard entries show up as soon as techs enter them as billable hours on a job or project. You don’t have to wait for timecards to be submitted to invoice the customer to keep your accounting moving along.

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Manage Expense Reporting

Collect reimbursable expenses from technicians.

Technicians or managers report their out-of-pocket expenses for payment, streamlining the reimbursement process and ensuring timely and accurate compensation for all incurred expenses.

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Simple Pricing

Office users are always free. Our subscription pricing lines up with your most valuable asset – technicians.

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Other ServiceTrade Features that Optimize Field Performance

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Technician Mobile Application

Give technicians their schedules, job details, customer information, and service history on their devices.

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Parts Manager

Improve productivity and resource allocation by predicting the parts technicians will need for each job.

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Inspection Manager

Give technicians the forms they need so they perform inspections correctly.

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Looking for help with productivity and resource allocation time-tracking software for contractors?

What is time-tracking software for contractors?

Time-tracking software for contractors is the easiest, most accurate to keep track of labor hours and prepare for payroll. It simplifies time tracking, streamlines timecard approval, and allows you to import time data into payroll.

What is the best time-tracking app for contractors?

The best time-tracking app for contractors is ServiceTrade. It allows you to simplify time tracking for technicians by using one app to track employee hours, expenses, overtime, vacation, and more. ServiceTrade improves accuracy by submitted timecards to managers for review and approval. Past timecards can always be accessed as well.

What are the features that I need to look for in a time tracking app as a contractor?

The most crucial advanced features to look for in a time-tracker app include:

  • Improved accuracy with verification at every step.
  • Seamless project tracking on mobile devices, especially for teams operating across different job sites.
  • Ability for technicians to track time accurately and review their timecards for various jobs before submission.
  • Email notifications upon timecard submission for managers, promoting transparency and accountability for employee time tracking.
  • Multi-level approval for each timecard, ensuring labor costs are accurately calculated and payroll disputes minimized.

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