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Nearby Now & ServiceTrade Can Improve Your Local Search Results

Billy Marshall
April 9, 2015

Consumers no longer turn to the yellow pages, newspaper ads, or direct mail to find the best service contractors. Instead, they turn to Google to answer the question “Who should I call?”  To address this change ServiceTrade is happy to announce an integration with Nearby Now, a tool that helps the best service contractors showcase their great reputation online and improve local search results.

 The Results

Need some proof that your company can dominate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Try searching for an electrician in Atlanta or any surrounding city. For example, check out the results for these searches:

Atlanta electrician –
Marietta electrician –
Sandy Springs electrician –

Did you notice that TE Certified Electricians is at the top of the list for every search in the area? Amazing customer service and a Nearby Now-powered marketing strategy led by a digital marketing firm FOR service contractors, LeadsNearby, drive these revenue-generating results.

 How Nearby Now Works

Nearby Now enables field technicians to check-in to each job throughout the day.  Each check-in updates the Nearby Now check-in feed and network map embedded on their company website. Before the tech leaves the job, he or she can request a review of their service from the customer.  Combined, the check-in data and customer reviews generate fresh, powerful content for the service contractor’s website that drive great search results and volumes of inbound inquiries.

 ServiceTrade Simplifies the Process

The integration of Nearby Now with ServiceTrade simplifies everything about driving these outstanding results.  Service contractors using ServiceTrade check-in to jobs with the mobile application as part of a process that enables amazing customer service.  Instead of burdening the technician with extra applications and processes, the Nearby Now functionality is driven automatically out of ServiceTrade.

ServiceTrade enables smart service contractors to provide amazing customer service and the Nearby Now integration helps them broadcast their great reputation to the markets they serve.  Give us a call at (919) 246-9901 to learn more.


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