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Field Service Technician Scheduling Software


ServiceTrade makes it easier for coordinators to create schedules for service technicians that improve field productivity.

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Create Efficient Routes

Schedule technicians on a map-based scheduler to create routes that reduce drive time.

Never Miss a Commitment

Deliver planned maintenance and inspection work when it is due.

Prioritize Valuable Work

Book your best work first to maximize revenue and technician productivity.

Streamline Operations

Service Scheduling Software

Plan Efficient Routes

View work orders and technician schedules on a map to create efficient routes.

Seeing nearby jobs on the map-based scheduler improves scheduling efficiency and reduces technician driving time. Smart AI can recommend technicians and times for schedulers to consider.

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Meet Service Contract Commitments

See all of your planned work—inspections, maintenance, installations, and repairs—in one place.

Schedulers see the big picture of all the work that is due before scheduling technicians. Schedulers apply filters to make the most important work stand out so they make the best service scheduling decisions.

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Manage Work Orders and Projects

Schedule service technicians for jobs of any size, whether they last one hour or one month.

Improve your team’s scheduling efficiency by using a single interface for planning all job types. An adjustable daily, weekly, or monthly timeframe for the scheduling view shows you how technicians are deployed across shorter- and longer-term work.

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Filter Out the Noise

Filter your view of the work so the most important and profitable jobs are scheduled first.

The service scheduling work order queue gives schedulers peace of mind that work isn’t being missed. Schedulers can work on a draft of the schedule and get everything just right before releasing it to field technicians.

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Simple Pricing

Office users are always free. Our subscription pricing lines up with your most valuable asset – technicians.

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Other ServiceTrade Features that Mobilize Field Technicians

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Dispatch field service technicians, monitor daily progress, and respond to service calls quickly from the dispatch board with our service technician scheduling software

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Technician Mobile Application

Give technicians their schedules, job details, customer information, and service history on their devices.

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Parts Manager

Predict the parts technicians will need for each job to stop wasting their time.

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Inspection Manager

Give technicians inspection forms so they perform inspections correctly.

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Looking for more information about service scheduling software?

What is the best software for scheduling commercial technicians?

Due to the nature of commercial service contracts, software that automatically reminds you when it’s time to schedule recurring services is most efficient for commercial contractors. ServiceTrade’s service scheduling software automates the coordination of routine maintenance and inspections, while also mapping all work orders and technician vehicles to streamline appointment setting and optimize route efficiency.

What are the benefits of using commercial scheduling software?

The benefits of commercial scheduling software include:

  • Efficient management of the scheduling process for both office and field teams, ensuring jobs are scheduled at various sites with seamless coordination.
  • Streamlined job scheduling with GPS tracking to prioritize efficient routing, providing real-time visibility into technician availability without the need for calls.
  • Enhanced ability to schedule jobs efficiently, utilizing features that manage jobs and offer insights into job status, improving the scheduling of service requests.
  • Automated setup of recurring service frequencies to meet customer expectations consistently, ensuring that planned maintenance and inspections are never missed and enhancing the customer experience.
  • Increased revenue through optimized job scheduling and service delivery, managing new jobs with efficient tracking and seamless coordination to exceed customer expectations.
Can service scheduling software be used for scheduling preventative maintenance, repairs, and new installations?

Yes. ServiceTrade simplifies scheduling for recurring services, one-time repairs, and new installations, supporting multiple lines of business for commercial service contractors.

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