Technical Account Manager

Access to a technology expert who will help you get the most from ServiceTrade.

Audit and Plan Audit your ServiceTrade usage and create a plan for changes without burdening your busy team with extra work.

Implement Best Practices Your Technical Account Manager shares best practices for processes and workflows from ServiceTrade’s experience with hundreds of service contractors.

Unlock Actionable Data and Insights Reporting dashboards created just for you provide insights into the effectiveness of your operations, sales, and customer engagement activities.

Wow Your Customers Use all of the customer experience features in ServiceTrade to lock in customer loyalty. Your Technical Account Manager will help you build a Digital Wrap to add more value for your customers that they’ll gladly pay for.

Extend Your Team Add a technical guru who will run projects that you might not have in-house expertise or time for. We’ll make sure that the changes happen quickly, effectively, and are understood by you and your staff.

Access Levels

Technical Account Manager services are sold as an annual subscription that grants a certain number of hours at each level.

Talk to your Account Manager if you’re interested in adding a Technical Account Manager to your ServiceTrade team.


4hrsper month
  • Services Include
  • Advisor Level Benefits
  • Custom email notifications to your team when key events occur
  • Project management for your ServiceTrade projects


8hrsper month
  • Services Include
  • Consultant Level Benefits
  • Customize the ServiceTrade web app interface for your internal users
  • Custom integration setup and maintenance


  Work with your account manager to create a package for needs greater than 8 hours per month.

Technical Account Manager Expertise

Wesley Cox

Wesley Cox

Technical Account Manager

Wes Cox has been with ServiceTrade since 2014, joining when the company was just two years old as one of the earliest technical support reps. Since then, Wes has served as an onboarding project manager, an integrations engineer, and for the past three years as a technical account manager. His experience with every part of a customer’s journey has given him an understanding of how complicated running a commercial service business can be and the importance of deploying the right technology.

Wes is exceptionally skilled at finding the right software or processes to reach goals and solve problems. Here are just a few of Wes’s favorite ways he uses his experience to help ServiceTrade customers.

ServiceTrade can do a lot, and our customers want to get the most from it. I share proven, practical know-how and best practices for implementing, training, and maintaining ServiceTrade and related day-to-day processes.

Reporting is most valuable when it can inform decisions and goal tracking in the moment rather than weeks or months later. Using Business Analytics tools, such as QuickSight, I work with customers to create visual dashboards of KPIs that are real-time and actionable.

Running a commercial service business means you have complex systematic, technical, and procedural requirements. Whether it’s adopting a best practice, scoping a complex process, building an integration, creating a WordPress Service Portal, or anything in between, I help scope, plan, and implement it.

Talk to your Account Manager if you’re interested in adding a Technical Account Manager to your ServiceTrade team.

Email ServiceTrade Account Management at

Create a Culture of Data

Your Technical Account Manager can help you build a culture of data where the right data is being consistently collected, consistently reported, and used to drive good decisions when gut feeling alone can lead you down the wrong path.

In this Digital Wrap Conference presentation, Shawn Mims, ServiceTrade Vice President of Marketing explains why adopting a data culture is crucial to getting the highest performance from your service business and the people who make it run.