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AAA Fire Protection Grows Through Inspection Efficiency

AAA Fire Protection grew beyond its goals by improving inspection operations and deficiency quoting with ServiceTrade.

AAA Fire Protection is a full-service fire protection company headquartered in Seattle, WA with technicians that are equipped and organized to provide service throughout Western Washington. Servicing such a large region means that AAA has a large number of jurisdictions that they interact with daily, all with different inspection requirements and forms.

When AAA’s technicians went to an inspection they had to pick the correct PDF that would be completed on their tablet or smartphone. Technicians were finding it hard to collect all the needed information for the inspection, as they completed a 30-50-question form. Many times notes and deficiencies were taken on service tags that would be put in their pocket to complete the report later. This practice left a lot of room for inaccurate or incomplete forms, deficiencies that went unrecorded, and an overall increase in potential liability for AAA.

Even once the inspection report was completed, there were still many cumbersome steps in the process. The most important step is submitting the forms and report to the local fire department. Failure to send the report to the fire department within a few days after the inspection could result in hefty late filing penalties.

Consolidating Forms

Once AAA saw InspectionManager they knew had the right solution. InspectionManager would allow their technicians use and complete one form, but send that one form to all the different locations the data needed to go, in the format that was required, without any additional work on the technician’s part. Technicians could use their smartphones to answer “scroll-and-go” questions, their days of pinching and zooming to fill out PDFs was over. Mary Krinbring, President and CEO, AAA Fire Protection shared, “With InspectionManager along with ServiceTrade our technicians can do everything they need for their job, except the physical part of wrench turning.”

Reports Delivered On-Time

Since implementing InspectionManager over 90 hours of technician time has been saved each week. With the more efficient reporting process, AAA has improved the turnaround for getting the inspection reports to both the customer and the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Quoting and communicating with the customer has become faster with InspectionManager feeding data into ServiceTrade. With deficiencies flowing directly into ServiceTrade when the form is submitted, AAA can adhere to their 24 hour quote turnaround deadline.


Top-performing fire protection contractors choose ServiceTrade

What does it mean to be a top-performer?

  • 44% year-over-year service and inspection revenue growth.
  • 20% of your work orders are high-margin pull-through work, like deficiency repairs.
  • 86% of your work is completed on time.
  • Within 1.7 days after a job, you’re sending the bill to the customer.

See all fire contractor performance benchmarks here.


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