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Fire Protection Team Streamlines Customer Service with ServiceTrade’s Customer Portal


Since adopting ServiceTrade in 2015, Fire Protection Team, a fire and life safety contractor based in Connecticut, serving customers throughout New England, has streamlined how they manage customer interactions and service delivery. In April 2023, they decided to intensify their efforts to onboard their customers to the ServiceTrade Customer Portal to optimize their operations and enhance their customers’ experience. Their effort paid off in achieving a milestone of enrolling their 1,000th customer within a year.

Efficiency and Improved Customer Experience

The drive to adopt the ServiceTrade Customer Portal was primarily to save time for their sales and office teams, simplifying the distribution of inspection reports and reducing time-consuming tasks. Nicole Gavagni highlighted the ease and time-saving benefits, noting, “Directing our customers to the Customer Portal…saves everybody’s time.” This shift enables clients an on-demand, self-service mechanism, lessening the administrative load.

Nicole further emphasized the added value of customer self-service: “We are providing our customers a better integration to our business…they don’t have to call or wait for us to reply to a request.” From their smallest customers to their large corporate accounts, Fire Protection Team has seen the adoption of the Customer Portal add benefit to all of their customers.

Competitive Differentiation

Fire Protection Team’s strategic adoption of the ServiceTrade Customer Portal highlights their commitment to enhancing service delivery and operational efficiency with technology. This initiative provides their customers with unmatched access to their inspection history, quotes, and invoices, improving customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. The transparency offered by the portal not only sets Fire Protection Team apart in a competitive landscape but also affirms their dedication to excellence, fueling their ongoing growth and success.

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