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LifeSafety Management Streamlines Inspection Data Collection

“The biggest advantage we have seen using InspectionManager is its flexibility across the business. We have found use cases both internal and external where the product has helped us either streamline a process, improve the quality of data collected, or generate a more presentable product for our customers.”

– Chris Ruzika, LifeSafety Management

Managing Disparate Systems

LifeSafety Management (LSM) is a premier fire protection and life safety company that understands the importance of maintaining a safe environment for both people and property as they service all types of fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, and security systems, as well as fire extinguishers and emergency exit lighting.

LSM was managing separate systems for their Test and Inspection departments, requiring the manual movement of data from one system to another. Tasks such as recoding, failure descriptions, creating a record of the inspection report, scheduling inspections, and closing jobs out had to be completed in both systems. In addition, LSM’s handling of forms was extremely complicated, with each department handling their forms differently – from a carbon paper system completed by hand to PDF templates that were filled out on demand using a smart device or computer. With the use of paper forms technicians in some departments had to manually enter all items used and services performed into their ServiceTrade jobs.

The number of man hours required to manage this setup was a burden to the Inspection department and prevented them from focusing on accomplishing other customer service goals. It also led to a huge duplication of effort in the field, slowing down technicians, and frustrating customers with an inconsistent end user experience.

An Integrated Solution

LSM wanted a forms solution that integrated with ServiceTrade. When they saw a demo of InspectionManager they realized they could minimize and, in many cases, eliminate double data entry and data management tasks. Chris Ruzika, Director of Administration, LifeSafety Management, shared, “InspectionManager allows us to build out forms to our specifications, including topics or questions that we require to ensure our desired level of customer service.”

With InspectionManager, LSM consolidated many of their internal processes across departments, even with the wide variety of code and regulatory requirements. The solution works with their entire service line, allowing a consistent customer experience no matter which department was working with a customer. All documentation is unified in its format, presentation, and delivery method to their customers.

More Than Just Carbon Paper Savings

The ability to automate has helped more than just the technicians, it has been a big help to LSM’s entire company. The highly detailed information technicians can collect through InspectionManager enables the sales teams to turn quotes around faster. Office staff has to make fewer phone calls to the technician to explain what was found on a job site, and, even better, there are fewer required trips back to the job sites to verify data to quote. This has led to a decrease in customer service questions, as LSM is able to pre-format information collected in InspectionManager, allowing them to display their findings in the most customer-friendly way possible.

InspectionManager has enabled LSM to link the deficiency to the asset lists. This allows them to use those deficiencies to create a checklist of items for their technicians to complete. No longer is a technician dispatched wondering what their scope of work is, or what they are being sent on site to do. When a technician “fails a device,” InspectionManager requires the technician to include pictures, the severity of the deficiency, and a description of why a device failed inspection. This provides sales reps the accurate information they need to prepare detailed quotes to the customer with a description of what is happening at their property and the proposed solutions.

The dispatchers responsible for the teams using InspectionManager have felt the biggest impact. They are now able to work in one system for all their job-related tasks and customer interactions. Dispatchers have an up-to-date asset list, legible and timely reports, and consistency on job documentation coming back from the technicians. This means dispatchers only need to schedule and manage the ServiceTrade jobs, since they now have the ability to use Service Links to deliver reports generated through InspectionManager to the customers.

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