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6 Ways AI Can Level Up Your Commercial Service Business

Molly McCormick
May 12, 2024

As service businesses across industries strive to innovate and maintain competitive advantages, AI technology offers unprecedented tools for enhancing service delivery, optimizing resource management, and elevating customer interactions.

At the 2024 Digital Wrap Conference, ServiceTrade VP of AI, James Jordan, provided insights into how AI is reshaping the commercial service sector. His presentation highlighted the potential of AI to drive improvements in business operations and customer satisfaction. Inspired by his talk, this article delves into six core ways that AI can level up you business.

1. Enhanced Customer Interactions

AI can revolutionize your customer’s experience with:

2. Operational Efficiency

AI can enhance operational efficiency in several key areas:

3. Proactive Maintenance

AI’s predictive capabilities can be very impactful for proactive maintenance:

4. Data-Driven Decision Making

AI can power decision-making with data-driven insights:

5. Cost Reduction

AI can drive cost reduction through:

6. Competitive Edge

AI provides a competitive edge by:

I believe AI is here to stay, and that, on the whole, it will be a positive force for good, for growth, and for value.” – James Jordan, from his DWC presentation, “Amplify Your Advantage with AI”

As James’s presentation convincingly showed, AI has the great potential to become a core component of modernizing and advancing commercial service contracting businesses. From improving customer service to reducing operational costs and gaining a competitive edge, AI offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses to thrive in a digitally driven world.

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