Improve Efficiency with Inspection Automation

Top performing fire and life safety contractors achieve 40% growth by delivering more inspections on time, effectively managing deficiencies, increasing deficiency repair revenue, and giving customers an amazing experience with ServiceTrade.

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Manage Fire Inspection Frequencies

Inspection frequencies are recorded separately for each fire protection system, showing you inspection due dates for each customer location and across your entire customer base.

A scheduling view of fire inspections that are due soon ensures that inspections are performed on time on appointment schedules that efficiently use technicians’ time.

Perform Inspections That Meet NFPA Code Standards

Technicians can easily complete fire inspections to code with a mobile inspection checklist, NFPA-compliant digital inspection forms, and a built-in-workflow for recording deficiencies.

Customers access professional inspection and deficiency reports and online.

Record and Report Fire Code Deficiencies

ServiceTrade has the best deficiency management system for fire inspection contractors with:

  • a mobile app workflow for technicians to report deficiencies with pictures
  • a simple process to turn deficiencies into repair quotes
  • proof that the customer viewed the online inspection report that shows inspection forms, deficiency reports, and repair quotes
  • an online portal where the customer can log in to see their inspection history anytime the AHJ or insurance company asks.

Customer Inspection Reporting

ServiceTrade fire inspection reports improve customer retention by showing the customer that you’re delivering on your contracted promises to take care of their facility.

ServiceTrade inspection reports are complete with

  • inspection forms,
  • deficiency reports,
  • deficiency repair quotes, and
  • inspection invoices

delivered in an online portal account where customers access their full inspection history any time.

Limit Your Fire Inspection Liability

Most fire inspection contractors need help reducing and responding to fire inspection claims, so ServiceTrade has made it easy to:

  • Record everything and store your records in data instead of paper to reduce fire inspection liability
  • Gather digital evidence that proves when you sent and when the customer viewed online inspection reports
  • Always know when inspections are due so you don’t miss inspections that would put your customer and your business at risk.

Read the advice from fire industry experts for documenting everything to win fire claims.

Keep up with fire inspections and grow your business.

ServiceTrade is fire inspection automation software that

  • keeps your recurring inspections organized,
  • effectively schedules your techs’ time,
  • guides technicians through inspection checklists for faster and more accurate inspections,
  • uses a one-of-a-kind deficiency workflow to record, report, and quote fire code deficiencies, and
  • gives customers online access to their up-to-date inspection reports.  

AAA Fire Protection pipefitting division doubled after using ServiceTrade’s deficiency reporting and repair quoting. Then it doubled again.

ServiceTrade is used by hundreds of fire inspection contractors for

NFPA 25 fire sprinkler inspections

NFPA 25 fire pump inspections

NFPA 25 backflow inspections

NFPA 96 kitchen equipment systems inspections

NFPA 10 fire extinguisher inspections

NFPA 17 fire suppression system inspections

NFPA 72 fire alarm inspections

NFPA 101 emergency exit light inspections

Frequently asked questions

Fire inspection software is a tool that fire protection and life safety contractors use to inspect and manage fire alarms, fire suppression systems, and other fire equipment. Beyond digitizing paperwork, an effective software solution centralizes customer and equipment data, streamlines operations, and simplifies communications.

The right fire inspection software will help your business grow in a multitude of ways. Streamlining deficiency documentation and quoting leads to improved quote approval rates and revenue. Recording recurring inspection frequencies so you know when to schedule with the customer ensures you never miss a fire safety inspection. Online service portals and automated communications keep your customers satisfied, improve retention, and help manage your liability risk. 

Read how ServiceTrade has helped VSC Fire and Security grow revenue.

With ServiceTrade, technicians record deficiencies with photos, videos, audio notes, and written text and share them automatically with the office where they can quote repairs and send them to the customer—all within the application. ServiceTrade also tracks service history and open deficiencies for each piece of equipment at a facility that technicians, office staff, and customers can access at any time.

ServiceTrade is cloud-based software. Office users can use ServiceTrade on Mac and Windows computers. The technician mobile app is available on Apple and Android devices. 

Read more about supported devices and systems.

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