Earn more high-value service agreements with NorthBoundary SalesManager.

Create proposals, manage your sales funnel, win and retain top customers.

“TST Fire Protection is building proposals 5x faster with NorthBoundary SalesManager. Parts kits and templates are a game changer!”

Build Profitable Proposals With Commercial Service Estimating Software

  • Apply pre-built or customizable pricing models to the customer’s equipment inventory to create contract pricing that meets your profit margin goals.
  • Set different profit margin goals for different types of work including spot, add-on, replacement, plan/spec, design/build, etc.
  • Perform sales audits with sellers or technicians with any experience level with the NorthBoundary SalesManager mobile application to inventory equipment by model number.

Automate and Manage Commercial Service Sales

  • Use the NorthBoundary SalesManager CRM dashboard to track daily, weekly, and monthly progress toward sales goals.
  • Streamline and measure the entire sales process with seller workflows that move accounts from prospect to survey to proposal to follow-up to signature.
  • Report on sales KPIs:
    • Sales volume
    • Labor hours
    • Prospecting activity
    • Sales quotes and bookings
    • Dials, contacts and appointments
    • Quota attainment

Use Sales Management Software to Win With a Professional Pitch

  • Secure more contracts by providing customers clear and professional proposals with electronic signature.
  • Customize proposal templates any way you like and deliver them printed or electronically.
  • Show the prospect the financial benefits of implementing your service program using their current owning and operating costs.

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Impact of Sales Process Improvements

“Before NorthBoundary SalesManager, many companies were forced in the direction of adopting different technologies for different use cases such as CRM, estimating, proposing, etc. We had all these things siloed in different technologies. NorthBoundary SalesManager is giving companies more continuity, better, more streamlined processes, and stronger metrics from an estimating standpoint.”

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BlueHat Mechanical has experienced over 40% revenue growth in the last year* since building out their sales team and using NorthBoundary SalesManager to conduct site surveys, prepare proposals, and secure new projects/maintenance agreements. BlueHat secured 50% more planned maintenance work while only adding 10% more technician capacity thanks to a robust tech stack that includes ServiceTrade and NorthBoundary SalesManager.

* year-over-year, trailing twelve months