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Boost Productivity with Revolutionized Dispatch and Scheduling

About the Webinar

You have a problem – juggling planned and emergency service calls is chaotic and inefficient.

See the solution – ServiceTrade’s completely redesigned dispatch and scheduling. Our new AI-boosted platform makes your technician dispatching and scheduling simple and smart.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Streamline scheduling work with an intuitive interface
  • Optimize resources with recommended techs for the job
  • Isolate emergency calls in their own workstream

This webinar will show you how our redesigned dispatch center can help you work seamlessly and efficiently to boost productivity.

Presented by:

Peter Vandendriesse

Peter is the lead UX designer of the new dispatch and scheduler.

Shawn Mims

Shawn has been a leader in product strategy at ServiceTrade since the company began.

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