NFPA 25 2023 Edition Has Hit the Streets

The latest edition of NFPA 25 has been released by the NFPA and has multiple new and improved and revised items to review. Of particular note, please see the changes to Table A.3.3.8, where the committee approved allowing multiple options for…

ServiceTrade Releases Project Management

We're excited to announce Project Management, a game-changing new capability to centralize and manage critical project management workflows.

ServiceTrade Acquires NorthBoundary

Combination connects critical selling and service workflows for mechanical contractors   The inaugural Mechanical Benchmark report shows that top performers grow 49% more and invoice 5.4x faster than peers   Ahead…

5 Liability Management Tips for Fire Protection Contractors

It’s the unwelcome event many fire and life safety contractors have experienced and many others dread. A letter arrives. You’ve been listed in a liability claim. 
ASSC technician in his truck
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ASSC Adopts ServiceTrade to Improve Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

Within eight months of implementing ServiceTrade, ASSC has significantly improved customer communications and their speed of doing business.
dispatcher on computer

10 Technician Dispatch Tips to Keep Profits High & Schedules Moving

A commercial service company with an inefficient dispatching system might have technicians traveling great distances from call to call with no rhyme or reason as to which customer gets serviced when or by whom. Without effective technology…
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10 Years, 1000 Customers

ServiceTrade Turns 10 Years Old 10 years and counting  Ten years ago, ServiceTrade was born when fire and life safety contractor DunnWell was sold. A proprietary internal project called ServiceNet became the jumping…

How to Recruit HVAC Technicians for Your Commercial HVAC Company

Skilled technicians are the backbone of successful commercial HVAC businesses. However, it’s no secret that finding qualified HVAC technicians and retaining them is one of the biggest challenges managers and business owners face. In a cut-throat…

ServiceTrade Acquires Assets of Asurio

The combination will empower specialty contractors to reduce risk and streamline inspections.   Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of specific assets from life safety inspection software company, Asurio.…