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Lessons from Moneyball: The Data You Need To Sell More Services

Believe it or not, most business owners and sales leaders are watching the game instead of coaching. What else can they do but believe the people who are going to bring them the wins? Well, they could begin tracking and analyzing the data. 
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Highly Recommended Holiday Reading

This might not be for you, but most of us in sales need help knowing what to say and when. Take a look at this two-minute clip of Phil M. Jones from the 2019 Digital Wrap Conference. This exercise demonstrates how the right words can…
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How to Grow Your Service Contracting Revenue 23.4% Year Over Year

On average, commercial service contractors who use ServiceTrade grow their invoice revenue by 23.4% year over year. All you have to do is buy ServiceTrade and you’ll grow! Our work here is done. The end. If only it were that simple.…
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Tellin’ ain’t Sellin’ – Every Customer is From Missouri, So Show Them Something!

When your salespeople call on customers, what are they pitching? What do they present when they get that rare opportunity to show a high-profile prospect the benefit of working with your company?  While I have not been in the room often when…
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That Awkward Moment

I love asking business owners and managers “Who do you think you are?” I’m not trying to pick a fight. What I’m really asking is “What makes you different and better than your competition?” But that’s a pretty boring question.…
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Money for Nothing

When you deliver great service, equipment and systems don't fail, nothing happens, and your customer is left wondering if you're worth the money. When you deliver poor service, systems fail and the customer gets frustrated. You're damned…
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An Easy Differentiator for Service Contractors

Want to charge 146% more than your competition and still have customers beating down the doors? The secret to easy money for service contractors is simple: Convenience is more valuable than low prices. Modern buyers are willing to pay…
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How to Make Billions Selling Nothing – The Story of Red Hat

The following story is a preview from an upcoming book about how commercial service contractors can earn "money for nothing" by rethinking the way that they present and deliver the services that they provide their customers. I left IBM to…