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Advanced Commercial Service Sales Training With James Graening

About the Course

Advanced Commercial Service Sales Training provides education and tools to gain higher margin work through negotiating maintenance, service projects, energy services and controls utilizing financial justification tools.

Learn to qualify opportunities and set a “plan of action” while confirming the solutions and options before presenting a formal proposal. You’ll also learn to present unique solutions and generate proposals that differentiate you from the competition for maintenance, retrofit/repair, replacement and energy services recommendations.

  • Learn how to qualify opportunities
  • Build long-term relationships by negotiating solutions
  • Offer unique solutions and packages
  • Learn financial justification strategies

About the Instructor

James Graening has over thirty-five years of experience in contracting and in recent years was VP Service Sales and corporate sales trainer for Comfort Systems USA, served as Vice President of Commercial for Excellence Alliance and educator and coach for Business Development Resources, working as a consultant for many independent contracting organizations. In these positions, James continued to teach Commercial Service Agreement Sales Training Classes, yet his primary focus was advancing HVAC contractors through the sales strategies, materials, training and tools developed by James and his associates to grow revenue and increase margins.

Today, he works as an independent trainer, coach and mentor developing sales-people, managers and leaders in the areas of sales, service and management. As a trainer and consultant for the HVAC industry, he has delivered marketing and sales help, regional account business and program implementation strategies, directly to the contractors’ and manufacturers’ place of business. He currently provides training coaching, mentoring and strategic business plans for many contractors all across the US and Canada.

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