Forms Management for Commercial Contractors

ServiceForms helps commercial service contractors collect the vital data they need.

Fire and Life Safety

  • Streamline large extinguisher and alarm inspection jobs with barcode or QR code scanning
  • Document a deficiency when you record something that is out of compliance
  • Customize your AHJ compliance reports to include graphs, charts or photos

Mechanical, Refrigeration, Boiler, Chiller, and Commercial HVAC

  • Use barcode or QR codes to quickly identify equipment
  • Create task lists for each type of service
  • Report refrigerant usage per EPA guidelines
  • Record repair opportunities

For Any Type of Facility Service

  • Complete OSHA logs and incident reports
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Conduct site surveys
  • Collect vehicle inspection reports
  • Provide checklists to employees

Stop focusing on the form.
Start focusing on the data.

Collect vital data that proves compliance.

Increase the speed and accuracy of technicians’ workflows.

Capture data digitally that appears in reports and in ServiceTrade.

Learn about a better way to collect data than paper or PDF forms.

Get confidence that your work is compliant and complete.

  • Make sure that technicians use the right forms for the job and submit them with all the required data.

  • Verify compliance and act on any issues when the data is automatically transferred to the job in ServiceTrade.

  • Create custom, professional reports for the customer and the authorities (AHJ and EPA, for example) that prove compliance.

Get data from technicians faster, more accurately, and more completely.

  • Give technicians shortcuts by auto-filling basic information from ServiceTrade so they only enter the new data.

  • Ensure completeness with required fields that warn technicians when they miss something.

  • Eliminate the hassles of a weak signal with an offline mode that saves the data and uploads it later.

Get the form out of the way and deal directly with data.

  • Do more with data that is delivered digitally that doesn’t require double data entry to make it accessible.

  • Automate actions in ServiceTrade like creating a deficiency, updating equipment records, or adding parts and labor to a job.

  • Create custom, professional reports that include the relevant information and any photos, charts, or graphs that are required.

Free your data from paper and PDFs.