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ServiceTrade Launches Smart AI

ServiceTrade Launches Smart AI to Help Contractors Maximize Efficiency and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

New Smart AI integrates into the ServiceTrade platform so customers can leverage rich equipment history on over 10M commercial buildings to better complete work, recommend customer equipment improvements

Durham, NC – November 2nd, 2023 – ServiceTrade, a leading software platform for commercial contractors, today announced the launch of ServiceTrade Smart AI. This new cutting-edge solution, powered by artificial intelligence, is directly integrated into the ServiceTrade Platform. With over a decade of experience in the trades, ServiceTrade is in an unparalleled position to empower contractors.

Contractors face many challenges in today’s competitive landscape. Finding the right technician for each job, maximizing limited labor resources, and providing top-notch customer service are crucial but difficult tasks. Making things even more difficult, critical insights that technicians need are typically spread across multiple systems or, even worse, buried in systems built on cost measurement or project management rather than focused on customer equipment performance.

ServiceTrade Smart AI addresses these challenges through advanced AI capabilities directly integrated into the ServiceTrade platform. It aims to help contractors tackle their biggest challenges through optimized scheduling, predictive insights, and automated reporting.

Key features include:

  • Predictive scheduling suggests the best technician for each job based on skills, location, availability, and past work history, allowing dispatchers to schedule more efficiently.

  • Technician productivity automatically creates a comprehensive service history summary and polished, customer-ready reports after each job, summarizing work delivered in easy-to-understand terms without extra office staff time.

  • Predictive maintenance arms technicians with the insights they need to solve problems quickly with recommendations based on historical asset performance and frequently reported issues

“Technology is more important than ever for contractors to run an efficient operation and deliver exceptional customer service,” said Billy Marshall, CEO of ServiceTrade. “Smart AI takes our platform to the next level, using AI to boost operational outcomes, maximize labor productivity, and ensure customers receive the best possible experience.”

ServiceTrade Smart AI will be rolling out in phases over the coming months. For a preview of Smart AI

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AI wrote portions of this press release.

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