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AI is coming to ServiceTrade

November 15, 2023

About the Webinar

Get an exciting look at ServiceTrade’s soon-to-be-released AI automation tools designed to help you make faster, better decisions and free up more time to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Whether you’re an owner, service manager, or admin, you’ll learn how AI can help you work more efficiently while delivering an improved customer experience.

Watch the recording on-demand to see how new AI tools will help with:

  • Better and faster dispatching
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased tech productivity

ServiceTrade’s AI engineers James Jordan and CTO Brian Smithwick ALSO share advice for how to effectively use free online AI tools and answer your questions about AI’s role in the trades.

This webinar description was written with a generative AI Slackbot powered by Claude.

Brian Smithwick

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, AI Guy

James Jordan

James brought AI to ServiceTrade and leads our artificial intelligence innovations as Vice President of AI.

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