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ServiceTrade Experts Share Insights Into Commercial Fire Safety Trends and Technologies at Leading Industry Events

Sessions address pressing challenges and provide immediate best practices to help fire protection contractors overcome ongoing labor shortages

DURHAM, N.C., April 08, 2024 – ServiceTrade, Inc., the software platform for commercial mechanical and fire contractors, is pleased to announce that several executives will share their expertise at industry events over the next few months. These events include the 2024 National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) Conference in Atlantic City, NJ, April 11-12, NAFED Conference in New Orleans, LA, May 23-24; and the National Fire Sprinkler Association’s (NFSA) Annual Seminar in Maui, HI, May 7-10.

Billy Marshall, CEO of ServiceTrade, Inc., will present at both NAFED Conferences and the NFSA Annual Seminar on taking a new approach to adapt to the skilled labor shortage. Every year, twice the number of technicians retire than enter the trades. It’s time to optimize your business with a fresh approach that unburdens technicians from work that can be done elsewhere to increase their productivity while improving your bottom line. In this presentation, Billy Marshall will give you ways to leverage technology, data, office staff, and sound business principles to create scalable growth regardless of a permanent technician labor shortage. Attendees will learn to minimize the demanding work that causes chaos for you and your customers; sell a contract to customers that incentivizes them to reduce their emergency calls; and update your operations to remove optional work from technicians.

James Jordan, Vice President of AI at ServiceTrade, will present at the National Fire Sprinkler Association’s (NFSA) Annual Seminar in Maui, HI, a session titled “AI Applications for Fire and Life Safety Contractors: Insights from Industry Leaders.” Artificial Intelligence is transforming industries, and fire and life safety can’t be left behind. This panel discussion will bring together ServiceTrade AI Product Leader James Jordan and other leaders from companies using AI to help fire protection contractors run their businesses, streamline their operations, and evolve their approach to keeping the customers’ facilities compliant and safe.

Jack Coffelt, Director of Fire and Life Safety Partnerships ServiceTrade, and Shawn Mims, Vice President of Marketing at ServiceTrade, will present at the National Fire Sprinkler Association’s (NFSA) Annual Seminar in Maui, HI, a session titled “Turn Deficiencies into Dollars: Profit from Inspection, Service, and Project Performance Data.” The session will provide insights and strategies to help fire sprinkler contractors improve performance and increase revenue. Attendees will learn trends in inspection data from hundreds of fire protection contractors that reveal the most common safety issues, how often opportunities are missed, and the best practices of top performers. Attendees will also discover how to convert more deficiencies into sales. Business leaders will gain tips for using inspection metrics to benchmark your progress, motivate your team, and strengthen your business.

“We are excited to share our expertise and insights with contractors to help them improve their operations, drive revenue growth, and stay ahead of the competition,” said Billy Marshall, CEO of ServiceTrade. “We hope that our perspectives gained over decades of work will give commercial HVAC and fire protection contractors the best practices they need to thrive in increasingly competitive markets.”

These events allow ServiceTrade to showcase its offerings and services to potential customers and partners and gather feedback to improve its products further. To register to attend these events and others, visit the ServiceTrade events page at

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