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ServiceTrade Summer ’23 Innovation

Shawn Mims
July 17, 2023

Every year, hiring and retaining skilled technicians gets more difficult, yet leading mechanical and fire protection contractors are growing faster than ever because they focus on getting the most from the techs they have. That’s why ServiceTrade is launching several innovative capabilities designed specifically to help you boost the productivity of your technicians. Watch this video to learn more about the exciting new capabilities recently released and those coming later this year:



New and Improved Capabilities Coming Later This Year


Modern Dispatch Board

A modern dispatch board, built around the best practices of industry leaders, helps your team manage more service calls, prioritize higher-margin work, and ensure every tech’s schedule is fully optimized. On the days when the phones just won’t stop ringing, the priority queue, routing map, and quick call capture help your dispatchers control the chaos and keep customers content.


Customizable Dashboard

Everyone in the office has different responsibilities, needs, and priorities so the completely customizable dashboard gives each manager, coordinator, and every other front-office team member the unique visibility they need to prioritize the most profitable work so they can keep your technicians focused on the highest-margin jobs.


Agreement Tasking

Paired with NorthBoundary, the only sales application made for mechanical and fire protection contractors, new maintenance and inspection tasking in ServiceTrade will provide the first end-to-end solution for selling, managing, and delivering task-based service programs so that you can sell and deliver the highest quality, most competitive, and most profitable offerings in your market.


Recently Released Capabilities Available Now

Recently launched with ServiceTrade’s Summer 2023 Release, there are several new capabilities available today that will help you boost the productivity of your technicians.

Ensure Technician Success

New mobile app features help your techs record every work detail so you can accurately bill customers, avoid callbacks, and identify more pull-through opportunities.

Organize Project Operations

Built to help you control fast-paced projects like repairs, retrofits, and other large-scale jobs, project management capabilities give you real-time financial and operational visibility so you can keep every project on budget and on track.

Streamline Agreement Sales

The new integration between NorthBoundary and ServiceTrade helps you manage sales from prospect and proposal to schedule and service to review and renew so you can win and retain the most profitable customers.


ServiceTrade is committed to innovating to help commercial contractors like you overcome the skilled labor shortage by boosting technician productivity. Learn more at or request a demo to see how ServiceTrade can help you today

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