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Software Innovation

ServiceTrade Summer 2023 Release

The Summer ’23 Release has you covered with everything you need to:

  • Keep projects on budget
  • Improve tech data accuracy
  • Revolutionize your sales engine

Organize Project Operations

Improve Financial Oversight

Automatically create budgets from quotes and track real-time financial progress to avoid cost overruns.

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Improve Operational Oversight

Add service-level attachments and comments and filter the job page to gain real-time, detailed visibility into project progress.

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Avoid Customer Disputes

Change Orders: Easily create, track, and send change orders that automatically update your project budget to protect your margins.

Service Link New Look: Give your customers unmatched visibility to project progress to keep them happy.

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Jobs Made Easier

Job Names: Assign custom names to your jobs for easy identification and management.

Updated Job Page: Enjoy the new, organized job page that helps you find the information you need faster.

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Streamline Agreement Sales

SalesManager Integration With ServiceTrade Eliminates Double Data Entry

Automatically sync customer and asset data between SalesManager and ServiceTrade to reduce data entry and errors.

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SalesManager for Fire and Life Safety Improves Inspection Sales

Use industry-specific templates and pricing models to quickly create inspection agreement proposals and help you compete for and win higher-value work.

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Other Upcoming Innovations

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