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There were a lot of questions about our plans after the acquisition of Asurio and what new capabilities will be part of our solution. If your question isn’t answered here, ask us at

Which of the Asurio BirdDog reports are already available for use? That fire pump report with graph looks like exactly what we need!

That’s great! The fire pump form is available as one of the Standard Form Kits in InspectionManager that you can start using today.

Are the forms reliable when inspecting in locations that have no cell service?  

Once the forms are dispatched, they download to the mobile device and can be completed and submitted without cell service.  Once cell service is resumed, the form will be sent to the system.

Will ERCES / BDA inspections be a part of this?

Yes. Asurio BirdDog has already created a NFPA 1225 ITM form and will be added into the mix in the future.

Can fire alarm programs be loaded using an Excel spreadsheet to assist with creating an asset list for the field inspectors?

Yes, spreadsheets can be used to load asset to inspections.

Can you do both Manual and Visual Inspections?

Yes, some forms are pass/fail based on visual inspection and some have fields for calculated inputs.

Do the deficiencies input into the form automatically transfer into the deficiency list for the ServiceTrade job? 

Yes! All deficiency data including severity, images, photos, and descriptions are immediately passed to ServiceTrade where they become a deficiency tied to the equipment and location. Once in ServiceTrade, the deficiency can be quoted for repair.

Will the corresponding NFPA code be cited under the inspection questions?

Yes, all Asurio BirdDog inspection forms have the appropriate year and cited reference for each question and we will be doing the same in the new forms we build in InspectionManager.

Are the barcodes to be placed on each device?

Yes each device or system should have a unique barcode tied to it in the ServiceTrade asset details.

Will the barcoding work with fire extinguishers that might not be in the same location each time? For example if the site has their own spares to swap out?

Yes, it will. On the inspection form, it’s easy to update the extinguisher’s location and re-order extinguishers on the inspection form to match where they fit in the flow as you move through the facility.

Will these form templates include forms that comply with Canadian standards (ULC and province specific ones)?

These standards are being reviewed and it is expected that reports based on these will be available in the future.

How does the software handle locations that are designed on a performance basis as opposed to following prescriptive codes? Can we customize the criteria in the form ourselves or need to send it to ServiceTrade?

We provide a standard code form, and you have the ability to further customize that form to your needs.

Do you have any data/api tie-ins for automation with NFPA 915? I.e. smart devices that are already cloud connected and ‘self-reporting’ such as pressure gauges.

Great question, that is something Jack Coffelt will be working on in his new role at ServiceTrade as the lead on Fire Partnerships, more to follow in time.

How is this submitted to Brycer Compliance Engine?

This connection isn’t available today, but we know how valuable it is and are working to create a great solution.

For backflows, will it be one report based on location or will the tech have to select the right form they need?

It can be set up either way depending on the volume and variation of the inspection and output.

How do we review the forms that are available?  

All available form kits are listed here.

How are the reports produced? If more than one system is completed on a site, will the reports be in one document?  

That’s up to you! Each inspection can produce one or more reports.  A PDF editor (such as Acrobat Pro) can be used to merge multiple reports into a single file if that’s what you need.

Due to this news, what is happening with existing integrations?  We use Building Reports with ServiceTrade integration.

No worries, Asurio joining ServiceTrade will not impact the availability of the Building Reports integration with ServiceTrade. Carry on!

As a ServiceTrade client, is there an additional fee for using these forms?

InspectionManager is available at an additional cost. Please reach out to your Account Manager to inquire about subscription pricing.

We have custom forms that we’ve created in InspectionManager, how will this be integrated into our existing forms to ensure seamless operation?

Your current forms will not be affected. You can leave your custom forms as is if you’d like. You will have the option to add any new forms we add to InspectionManager that were once part of Asurio BirdDog as they become available.

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