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Repeat visits kill tech productivity. Wasting tech time is something that no contractor can afford during a persistent and escalating skilled labor shortage.

Transforming from an on-demand contractor to an in-demand contractor by implementing technology and processes that eliminate repeat visits will unlock productivity so you can earn more revenue per tech with lower administrative costs.

In this webinar we’ll walk through how to use technology to:

Presented by

Shawn Mims

Shawn has been a leader in product strategy at ServiceTrade since the company began.

Adam Strong

Adam is a long-tenured ServiceTrade solutions architect who deeply understands our solutions and how they’re used by ServiceTrade customers.

Scott Agge

Scott serves as President and CEO of the fast-growing family of fire protection companies: Guardian Fire Protection Services, Confires Fire Protection Services, Fire Pros, Liberty Fire Solutions, and Fire Systems of Michigan.

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