Technical Account Manager Subscription Level Details

Schedule of TAM ServicesAdvisorConsultantStrategist
Pricing$3,360 Annual Subscription$6,240 Annual Subscription$11,520 Annual Subscription
Hourly Commitment
Your TAM will work with you to achieve your prioritized business goals within the allotted hourly commitment.
2 hours per month
4 hours per month8 hours per month
New Feature Review
Periodic review of new features with particular focus on functionality that is most relevant to your business.
Best Practice Review
Review of best business practices from hundreds of ServiceTrade customers to give you the edge.
Bulk Data Management
Through the API, your TAM can help you clean, update, and enrich your ServiceTrade account data to avoid manual data entry.
Service Portal Setup & Maintenance
Technical support in setting up and maintaining the Service Portal on your WordPress website.
Stand-alone Service Portal Setup & Maintenance*
Set up, maintenance, and hosting of a standalone WordPress server to enable Service Portal.
Zapier Integration Setup & Maintenance*
Develop simple connections between your ServiceTrade instance and other popular web applications through Zapier.
Project Management
External support to help you manage ServiceTrade projects.
QuickSight Dashboard Creation
Dashboards built specifically to track your companies KPIs and metrics.
Notification Engine Setup & Maintenance*
Custom email notifications to your internal users triggered by events in ServiceTrade.
QuickSight Trends Review
Periodic review of your account data compared to benchmark performance to assess opportunities for improvement.
Support Ticket Prioritization
Receive prioritized response to level 3 and level 4 support requests as described in the ServiceTrade Support Services Terms.
ServiceTrade Custom Chrome Extension Setup & Maintenance*
Customize the ServiceTrade web application interface for your internal users to improve business processes with a custom Chrome Extension.
Custom Integration Setup & Maintenance*
Develop and maintain integrations with your business applications.
Ready to put a Technical Account Manager to work for you?Talk to your Account Manager or email am@servicetrade.comTalk to your Account Manager or email am@servicetrade.comTalk to your Account Manager or email

* You must maintain a Technical Account Manager subscription corresponding to the tiers defined in the responsibilities section above to retain access to technology, software, and websites hosted by ServiceTrade that are built as part of the Technical Account Manager engagement. 

** Some TAM services may require Premium or Enterprise-level subscriptions.

Talk to your Account Manager if you’re interested in adding a Technical Account Manager to your ServiceTrade team.

You can reach ServiceTrade Account Managers at