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Norred Fire Systems Grew 150% with ServiceTrade

The money that we paid for ServiceTrade is worth it! I wouldn’t run my office without it.

— Linda Norred

Norred Fire Systems, LLC is a second generation family business. It was founded in 2001 by Clayton J. Norred, Jr. in West Monroe, Louisiana. Today, the company is located in Monroe, Louisiana and works with customers throughout Louisiana and western and southern Mississippi.

Norred is a full-service fire protection company, offering fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire sprinklers and fire suppression systems for vehicles, commercial kitchens and Industrial applications. Clayton runs Norred with his wife, Linda, and their son, Trey.

Norred has been a ServiceTrade customer since March of 2015. Since then, they’ve used ServiceTrade to grow their business 150%

Linda, can you tell us how you got started with ServiceTrade?

I started working at our family business in January of 2015. At the time, my plan was to assist our small office team, and learn how to do their work. This way when they were out sick or on vacation, their work would continue to be completed and they wouldn’t be bombarded when they returned to their office.

Well, after three months of working three days a week, I took over the management of the office and both of the office staff left our company. I was shocked at how inefficient they were running the office. Now, thanks to ServiceTrade, the office is under control.

How does ServiceTrade save you time and money?

The money that we paid for ServiceTrade is worth it! I wouldn’t run my office without it.

I love the way you can schedule the jobs and make the service recurring, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to service your customers in a timely manner.

With regard to time savings, we add the price to the job so the tech does not have to call us every time he is unsure of the price. This feature has been great for the new techs who haven’t learned our pricing structure yet.

How else does ServiceTrade help your techs and service management?

ServiceTrade keeps everyone on schedule. Techs can look ahead for the week and see where they are working and what jobs they are doing. I can keep up with where they are located and how they are doing time-wise.

If I need to add another job while the tech is in the field, I can. I can update my customers by calling a customer to inform them that the tech will be early or late to the appointment because I can see where they are located and how long they have been on the job.

How does ServiceTrade work with your accounting software?

My favorite feature is the connection with QuickBooks. The invoices transfer to QuickBooks and we just add the invoice number and email it to the customer. No more waiting for the techs to return to the office with hand written invoices for us to enter in QuickBooks. We just added the inspection reports to the system, so now we have very nice, clean, easy-to-read inspection reports from our techs entering the information in the system. Gone are the days of the paper inspection forms that come back to us all dirty, torn and unorganized.

How did you find implementation and adoption of the software?

At first, I was very overwhelmed with the system. The training was full of so much information that my head was spinning. But after a few mini learning sessions, I consider it easy to use and understand. The quality of the product is the BEST!! So many features are available, that I still don’t use all of them.

The support team at ServiceTrade is great – they guided us every step of the way through implementation. Even now any time I have a problem, it is solved in a timely manner, whether I contact them via the web, email, or by phone. They are always willing to assist me with my crazy questions!


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