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AirLogix Achieves Remarkable Growth and Operational Efficiencies with ServiceTrade

“Each year, for the first three years after purchasing ServiceTrade, we were able to double our revenue – with the same if not less work. In year four we were able to get 50% more revenue.”

— Gabe Domenikos, Director of Operations

AirLogix, an HVAC and refrigeration solutions provider for business, commercial, and industrial companies in New York City and New Jersey, has built its business around creating a customer experience that gives its clients the resources, care, and consistency they need to succeed.

Gabe Domenikos, Director of Operations at AirLogix, has held various roles within the company, including service technician and account manager. Eight years ago, Gabe was looking for a solution that could move AirLogix into a new era that leveraged technology to streamline its operations.

While AirLogix was looking for a solution to solve an operational problem, specifically dispatching, they realized that they were capable of so much more using ServiceTrade. An important factor in their decision was the intuitive nature of ServiceTrade, that it didn’t require extensive technical training and could be easily learned by their staff, including technicians who had never used service software before.

After six months of using the software, AirLogix was so impressed that they signed a five-year contract with ServiceTrade.


When Gabe first considered purchasing ServiceTrade, his primary focus was on the dispatching functionality that AirLogix had previously managed through spreadsheets. Long before the pandemic, Gabe, who managed dispatching responsibilities, wanted the ability to work remotely. AirLogix used to receive service requests via fax, leading to the challenging task of selecting which clients to prioritize. Implementing ServiceTrade resolved this issue by providing an internet-based software solution that is accessible anywhere the user is located and allows adjustments to the schedule that can be prioritized and seen immediately.

AirLogix also faced inefficiencies in its invoicing process. With the previous system of carbon copy paperwork, technicians would drop off their work records, requiring the account manager to spend at least half a workday reconciling and generating invoices. Sometimes, this process extended into weekends, causing delays in sending invoices to customers. Additionally, maintenance work invoices took even longer as technicians would submit them monthly. This inefficiency negatively impacted AirLogix’s revenue on a weekly and monthly basis.

Prior to ServiceTrade, it could take three to five days to generate a quote, resulting in prolonged downtime for the customer. Gabe added that with ServiceTrade, AirLogix often provides quotes the same day as the service appointment. “Quoting got significantly faster with ServiceTrade, and not just because now we’re now quoting in real-time, but because we’re able to implement templates and job items that pre-populate so you forget less work.”


The implementation of ServiceTrade had a transformative impact on AirLogix’s growth and success. With the software’s efficiency and automation features, AirLogix has been able to implement lean operations and despite having 20 fewer technicians, has maintained the same work volume. This lean approach has helped reduce the financial burden on the company. In fact, Gabe is currently focused on growing their account management portfolio by 50% within eighteen months, leveraging the automation capabilities of ServiceTrade.

AirLogix also utilized the software to address challenges in the labor market for technicians. By enabling office staff and account managers to handle quoting, the technicians can focus on field work while minimizing administrative tasks. This strategy has proven effective in achieving their desired growth.

AirLogix’s customers are seeing the benefits, too! ServiceTrade’s quoting capabilities with attachments have also provided AirLogix with a significant advantage.Their customers receive ServiceLinks, including pictures, attachments, and pricing, that differentiate Airlogix from other companies and enhance customer service and satisfaction.


ServiceTrade enabled an important shift in AirLogix’s business strategy and client profile. Previously focusing on local private clients like jewelers and restaurants, which offered higher hourly rates but limited volume, AirLogix transitioned to serving larger corporate accounts. This transformed their customer mix from 80% private clients to only 10%, with corporate clients now comprising 90% of their business. ServiceTrade supported AirLogix’s move toward streamlined operations focused on fewer, higher-revenue accounts, generating more business overall.

“Each year, for the first three years after purchasing ServiceTrade, we were able to double our revenue – with the same if not less work. In year four we were able to get 50% more revenue.” Gabe says of AirLogix growth.

Looking to the future, AirLogix aims to enhance visibility for everyone in the company. They plan to use ServiceTrade’s Business Analytics Reporting to generate a dashboard where technicians can track their performance against annual goals, allowing them to become more aware of their impact on sales and the company’s overall revenue objectives. With ServiceTrade’s support and partnership, AirLogix is confident that their goals of continued growth and success are achievable.

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