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What’s really behind the tech shortage — technicians or technology?

Aaron Mims
November 30, 2023

As we talk about the labor shortage issue in the mechanical world, it’s time to redirect our attention from the global shortage of technicians and contemplate whether the real setback lies in contractors slacking off on the technology front. Is it truly a scarcity of technicians, or are companies simply falling behind the rapidly evolving technology curve?

It is no secret that HVAC technicians and mechanics aren’t particularly thrilled about tasks that resemble office work. The thought of juggling a multitude of apps for a single job doesn’t resonate well while sitting on a hot roof or a steamy mechanical room.

The impact companies have on their hiring capabilities while still utilizing paper is apparent in the workforce. These companies are not helping themselves retain their technicians, as outdated processes fail to cater to the needs of this fast-paced environment. Why would a technician want to work harder for you when the next company makes it so much easier?

Understanding the link between productivity and retaining tech talent is crucial. Technicians play a vital role in fixing your customers’ equipment, so why create unnecessary challenges for them? Recognizing that maintaining the productivity of your technicians not only keeps them happy but also contributes to retaining your workforce is essential. Creating an environment that fosters employee satisfaction will have them eager to join your team, with candidates lining up at your door instead of the other way around.

Why would a technician want to work harder for you when the next company makes it so much easier?

The key is not necessarily seeking out technicians; it’s about creating an environment that attracts them to your doorstep. When your workplace is optimized and tech-friendly, technicians will naturally gravitate toward joining your team, eliminating the need for an extensive search.Ultimately, the key to keeping your trucks full lies in creating an environment that fosters appreciation and ensures the continuous flow of your technician’s day. A collective commitment to sustaining this positive atmosphere ensures that technicians will want to be on your team.

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