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Welcome Beta Testers

Billy Marshall
January 29, 2013

ServiceTrade’s beta program is now open.  Join up to share experiences with colleagues and qualify for a special pricing promotion.

Two weeks ago, I introduced you to ServiceTrade.  Today, we are opening our beta program to any fire protection services company that wants to get an early look at our technology while helping us finish off the final features for a March product launch.

In my last post, I set a goal of complete transparency regarding features, functions, and pricing because customers deserve to know what they are buying and how much it will cost.  For our beta customers, understanding what they are buying is simple –  try the application and share feedback with us and industry colleagues.  We are also offering special pricing.

For all beta customers, the first technician user will be free, and each additional technician user will cost only $19/month/user.  All administrative and management users are free.  These pricing terms are available to any beta tester that joins the program between now and March 1, 2013 provided they purchase by March 15.  The pricing will remain valid for a period of five years so long as the customer maintains an active account.

If you have been sitting on the fence wondering when and how to upgrade your systems to embrace smartphones and cloud computing, now is probably a good time.  Join our beta program and add your voice to others in the industry that are guiding ServiceTrade to a terrific product release.  We look forward to a great future together.

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