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Solving the problem bigger than double data entry

Shawn Mims
December 4, 2019

Is the administrative burden of data entry in your back office the biggest problem you face as a service contractor? Just imagine how much easier life would be if you could eliminate all of that wasteful double data entry. Just imagine what it would be like if your technicians could capture data in the field that would flow directly into your accounting system without any additional steps. Your technicians, after all, are known for their accuracy and attention to detail when it comes to recording financial information, right? And, no big deal if they make a mistake! You can easily reconcile data on the backend and make adjustments all while trying to close the books, right? Is your blood pressure elevated yet?

Though it may feel like the infamous “double data entry” is your most important problem to solve, think again. Double data entry, also known as two-pass-verification, is actually an established quality control method where two people enter the same data separately into a system in order to find errors. Sound familiar? How often does your back office catch errors made by your service team? Never, right? Jokes aside, the back office and double data entry are not fully appreciated for their role in catching errors and making sure that financial data is accurate.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that all double data entry is good. With quality control in mind, you should eliminate as much unnecessary administrative burden as you can with integrations and bulk-data imports to your accounting system. However, the time spent on data entry pales in comparison to the time wasted on a much bigger problem that is often overlooked. This problem spans all the way from data entry to collections and leads to delays and issues in running your payroll and closing your books every month. You can refer to this as the “what happened” problem.

Be the back-office hero by solving the “what happened” problem.

“What happened” is killing your back-office efficiency and, even worse, tarnishing your customer service delivery. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. ServiceTrade not only integrates with your accounting system or enables bulk data imports to reduce unnecessary administrative burden, it is specifically designed to answer the question “what happened?” by enabling techs to capture rich information about every job including pictures, videos, equipment details and issues, digital paperwork, payroll details, items used, and much more. All that information is not only easily accessible by your entire team, but also by your customer, so everyone will know exactly what happened on every job.

Just imagine what it would be like if your team knew exactly what happened on every job and had all the information they needed when accounting for work delivered. Just imagine not having to chase payments because customers understood exactly what happened on every job and pay you promptly because they know you did a great job. Double data entry may seem like the most important problem to solve, but “what happened” is the hidden problem that’s really killing your back-office efficiency.

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