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Want to Boost Repair Revenue? Send More Quotes.

Molly McCormick
June 25, 2024

Fire and Life Safety Contractor A sends 30 repair quotes a month with a 60% approval rate. 

Contractor B sends 5 quotes with a 100% approval rate. 

Which contractor is scheduling more high-margin repair jobs? 

Contractor A, of course. That’s because, while important, quote approval rate can be a deceiving metric. According to our data, contractors who grow their repair revenue—and thus their revenue-per-job and revenue-per-customer—fastest have similar quote approval rates to their lower performing peers. However, they take a lot more shots (send a lot more quotes) and win a lot more valuable repair work. 

Arguably, the number of quotes you send is the most important metric to improve if you want to grow your repair revenue. This article explores the importance of taking more shots (sending more quotes) and how to efficiently do so.

How Sending More Quotes Impacts Revenue

Creating and sending more repair quotes is a direct path to increasing your revenue. Data shows that top-performing contractors convert 60% of deficiencies into repair quotes, significantly more than their lower-performing peers. 

It’s also important to send quotes promptly after the inspection. If your team can quickly turn documented deficiencies into quotes, you can capitalize on the urgency of the repairs. This promptness also demonstrates professionalism and responsiveness, improving customer satisfaction. 

How Sending More Quotes Mitigates Risk

Repair quotes play a vital role in mitigating risk. They provide a clear record of identified deficiencies and the proposed solutions, which can be crucial in the event of a liability claim. If an incident occurs related to an unaddressed deficiency, having a detailed quote can serve as evidence that you identified the issue and recommended a solution.

Additionally, quoting repairs can encourage your customers to maintain safer facilities. By ensuring that your clients are aware of necessary repairs and their urgency, you help reduce the chances of accidents or incidents.

What You’ll Need to Send More Quotes Efficiently 

To efficiently create and send more quotes, you need a streamlined process and the right tools. Here’s what to consider:

Efficient Documentation System: Utilize software that allows your office staff to quickly receive and review deficiency reports, making it easier to create quotes.

Quick Delivery Methods: Implement systems that enable rapid delivery of quotes to customers, such as automated email systems or customer portals.

Simplified Approval Process: Make it easy for customers to accept or decline quotes through user-friendly interfaces and clear instructions.

Steps to Optimize Repair Quote Creation

Set Conversion Goals: Aim to convert around 60% of deficiencies into repair quotes. Setting specific targets helps focus your team’s efforts.

Leverage Technology: Use tools that streamline the creation and delivery of quotes. Integrated software solutions for fire protection contractors can automate much of the process, saving time and reducing errors.

Train Your Team: Provide regular training on the importance of prompt quote creation and best practices for doing so. Highlight how this impacts revenue and customer satisfaction.

Monitor and Adjust: Regularly review your metrics and adjust your processes as needed. This can help identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

Creating and sending more quotes is essential for turning documented deficiencies into revenue and mitigating risk. Learn what else you can do to optimize your deficiency management processes: The Deficiency Efficiency Guide: 5 Steps to Higher Revenue and Safer Facilities

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