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Make your Business more Valuable by Being more Valuable to your Customers

June 15, 2016

Billy Marshall often speaks to industry association groups on topics that help service companies be more valuable, successful, productive and more important to their customers. This past May, he spoke in Indianapolis to fire protection companies about The Digital Wrap.

Billy is an animated speaker

What is Billy talking about? Watch the video to see!

This 15-minute recording is crash course on what a digital wrap is, and how it helps commercial service contracting companies become more important to their customers – and in turn – increase the value of their business.

Billy uses funny and interesting stories to relate how service companies should:

If you like what you see here, read a free chapter or get the book at and consider joining us for the Digital Wrap Conference in October.


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 ps. Don’t have 15 minutes? You can watch short segments from this presentation at

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