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Introducing ServiceTrade

Billy Marshall
January 9, 2013

ServiceTrade is a new software company dedicated to helping facility maintenance and repair companies deliver better service, grow faster, and be more profitable.  Our aim is to provide a terrific mobile and cloud based application that improves field technician productivity, enhances customer collaboration, and streamlines the administrative processes associated with running a service business.  The application will be easy to use and easy to buy – no software or servers to manage, no upfront fees, no sales pressure.  Try it first and buy it only if it works for you.

We believe that maintenance businesses are a terrific market to serve because they are so underserved by current software offerings.  Intuit’s QuickBooks is the only widely deployed software product in this space, and service management software is generally only used by the very largest firms.  According to analyst firm Gartner, the current annual spending on service management software is about $330M.  For a business segment that represents approximately $900B in annual commerce according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this amount of spending is a terrible indictment of the current slate of software targeted to this market.  The current offerings are hard to try, hard to buy, and hard to use while hiding behind a sales person that insists it isn’t so.

ServiceTrade is different.  We will post our pricing on the website.  Free trials are not only free, they are available without getting a sales person’s permission.  If you need help, we will help you get started so that you can experience our value.  If the application helps you and your technicians, you can buy it and use it without any long term commitments.  That is how great technology is adopted and consumed.  We have enough confidence in our application that we don’t need to hide it behind a sales person.  You can judge the quality of what we are doing all by yourself.

The application will not be perfect, however, and it will always be better next week when compared to this week.  There is a never ending list of cool things that should be available to help technicians deliver more work, report on the job from the field, and engage the customer in meaningful collaboration.  We have only scratched the surface with our initial product offering which is currently in beta testing.  The initial release of the application in March will have capability geared toward fire protection companies, and functionality for more trades such as HVAC/mechanical, electrical, and plumbing will follow shortly.

We believe ServiceTrade can do something great by serving maintenance and repair businesses with a world class app that is easy to use and easy to buy.  If you are interested, please follow us on Twitter, or LinkedIn to keep up with our progress.

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