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Industry Shifts: Insights from AHR Expo 2024 for Commercial Mechanical Service Contractors

Aaron Mims
January 29, 2024

The AHR Expo 2024 in Chicago brought together commercial mechanical service contractors for valuable insights into the changing landscape. Here are 7 key takeaways that focus on enhancing efficiency, strengthening customer relationships, and staying on top of industry advancements, including AI. 

ServiceTrade team at AHR 2024

The ServiceTrade team at AHR Expo 2024

1. Operational Efficiency for Sustainable Growth

Efficiency emerged as a central theme, urging contractors to streamline operations strategically. The emphasis was on adopting smart tools not just for technology’s sake but as a practical strategy for sustained success in an industry marked by constant change.

2. Elevating the Customer Experience is Critical

Amidst the industry’s digital transformation, the focus on customer interactions was undeniable. Contractors were encouraged to provide tailored solutions that go beyond meeting expectations. This customer-centric approach is not merely a trend but an essential strategic move in cultivating long-term relationships.

3. Strategic Approach to Securing Maintenance Contracts

The spotlight was on securing profitable maintenance contracts. It’s not just about immediate gains but about fostering partnerships that benefit both contractors and clients in the long run.

4. Simplifying Project Management for Enhanced Agility

Seamless integration of operational tools emerged as a solution for simplifying project lifecycle management. The goal is not just operational efficiency but increased agility—a crucial capability that allows contractors to adapt swiftly to changing project dynamics and industry trends while meeting the project’s financial goals.

5. Embracing Mobility for On-Site Decision-Making

The shift towards mobile solutions in the field is more than a technological trend; it signifies a fundamental change in how work is executed. Mobile capabilities, including those offered by ServiceTrade, empower field teams for on-site decision-making and collaboration, aligning with industry trends.

6. Data-Driven Decision-Making for Strategic Planning

Data-driven insights were underscored as a key strategy for informed decision-making. In an era abundant with digital information, contractors, including those leveraging tools like ServiceTrade, can harness data to identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and make decisions aligned with long-term business goals.

7. Technological Adaptation for Future Resilience

The overarching theme of AHR Expo was the necessity for technological adaptation to future-proof businesses. Embracing innovative tools, such as ServiceTrade, isn’t just about staying current but positioning oneself for success in the dynamic and evolving landscape of commercial mechanical services.


In conclusion, the biggest takeaway from AHR Expo encourages commercial mechanical service contractors to reflect on the strategic integration of technology. The emphasis on customer-centricity, operational efficiency, and forward-thinking approaches, with practical tools like ServiceTrade, provides a roadmap for navigating growth in the practical realities of the digital era. As we collectively shape the future of the industry, these insights serve as practical guides for contractors aiming for sustained success.


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