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How Centralized Data Benefits Your Team and Your Customers

Molly McCormick
August 12, 2022

From scheduling to servicing to billing, the work of commercial service contractors is a big collaboration. The key to peak operational efficiency and excellent customer service is centralized data that is consistent and accessible to all team members at all times. 

That’s why collecting and organizing your data is the first order of business when you join ServiceTrade. In fact, it’s our objective to compile all data and import it into ServiceTrade before your onboarding window even begins—whenever possible. 

6 Key Types of Data to Gather From the Start

Every ServiceTrade Contractor works with their implementation specialist to gather and import data into ServiceTrade as a first, essential step when onboarding. Here are 6 key types of data you’ll be asked to bring to the table and why they’re necessary. 

Centralizing data in ServiceTrade graphic

Customers – Making your customer’s contact and billing information easily accessible to everyone ensures your team doesn’t have to spend time searching for contact details and that your invoices always make it to the right place. 

ServicesBoth one-time and recurring services performed at a specific location with descriptions, tasks, and frequency of recurrence. Setting up recurring services means less scheduling work for your staff and that you’ll never miss a routine call. 

Items Parts and labor line items that are usually exported from accounting and essential for invoicing customers and tracking costs. 

Assets Lists of customer-owned equipment that you inspect and maintain. They include details, such as description and serial number, making educated service calls and routine maintenance simple.

PDF Paperwork – ServiceTrade turns your paperwork into fillable forms and makes sure your techs have the forms they need. 

Logo and Branding – Not technically a type of data, but an important addition to the list. All of your customer touch points will be branded with your company name and logo, forming your Digital Wrap. 

5 Ways Centralized Data Benefits Your Team and Your Customers 

Scattered data is often the root cause of errors and inefficiencies for commercial service contractors. With disparate systems and dispersed data, it’s difficult for teams to keep track of the information needed to provide good service and correctly invoice customers. 

Here are five key benefits ServiceTrade customers experience after centralizing their data. 

1. A Reduction in Time to Invoice and Better Cash Flow

Office staff no longer have to track down coworkers to decipher service records, wait for techs to deliver paperwork, or search for updated customer contact information. With everything in one place, invoices get sent to the right place quickly, improving cash flow. 

2. Better, More Consistent Customer Service

When technicians, service managers, and office staff have a complete picture of customer communications and history, customer experience drastically improves. Shared data brings your whole team into the loop so it’s easy to get up-to-speed on customer issues and better serve them. 

3. Easier Communication Between the Office and the Field

Adding a repair call to a technician’s schedule no longer requires frustrating back and forth on the phone. With time tracking data, GPS, and shared schedules, dispatchers can see where techs are on their routes and who has time for an added job. They can then alert the technician and provide all work order, customer, and equipment information needed via ServiceTrade. 

4. Faster Quoting 

Instant access to service records and discovered deficiencies allows office staff to prepare quotes faster, improving acceptance rates. Quotes also become more accurate and detailed with the inclusion of shared rich media like photos and audio notes stored in ServiceTrade. Many ServiceTrade Contractors provide a repair quote within 24 hours of finding a problem.

5. Better Prepared Technicians 

With access to customer data, techs can arrive on site with all the information they need. They’ll have knowledge of past maintenance, repairs, and open deficiencies. Informed techs can be confident fielding customer questions and doing their best work.

ServiceTrade customers can view the status of their data imports and other onboarding tasks at any time via their Journey Dashboard.

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