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Fishing Report: First Annual OBX Customer Retreat and Fishing Tournament

June 3, 2014

Last week, ServiceTrade held its first annual Outer Banks (OBX) customer retreat and fishing tournament. Eleven representatives from across our customer base converged on Manteo, NC for a full day of business discussion on best practices for applying modern technology in a service contractor business along with a full day of offshore fishing.

Shawn Mims, our product manager, led the boat that won the fishing tournament with over 400 pounds of mahi mahi along with a 400 plus pound blue marlin release! Congratulations to Shawn and his team. The happy crew members, some dead fish, and a fat blue marlin can be reviewed in the photos below:

The biggest catch of the trip, however, was the insights into what makes ServiceTrade so valuable to these customers. Customers universally are seeking a modern, SaaS (software as a service) platform, with smartphone and tablet technician interfaces. Their goal is to eliminate the hassles, mistakes, and delays associated with manual paper processes. ServiceTrade meets these expectations, but they were surprised to be able to implement so quickly and with such an amazing support experience.

ServiceTrade is focused on helping customers adopt SaaS and mobile for technician management and customer service without uprooting all of their current systems for accounting, payroll, payments, and inventory management. Customers do not have to “bet the business” and undergo some crazy risky implementation that changes everything. And because ServiceTrade integrates seamlessly with almost any accounting system under the sun, the implementation gives all the benefits of going mobile without any of the hassles and risks most customers have come to expect with IT systems.

As one customer put it:

If I want to upgrade the customer service manager, I don’t start by firing the accounting manager. That’s just stupid. Each function works with the other, but they are separate fields of expertise and capability. Replacing the entire management staff is a “bet the business” proposition that no business would undertake. We feel the same way about the [all-in-one] management systems.

Mark your calendars for next year at the end of May if you want to get out to OBX with ServiceTrade. Mark your calendar for next week if you are ready to transform you manual, paper-based customer service and technician management capability with something that is modern, SaaS, and optimized for smartphones and tablets.

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