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Customer Service is a Marketing Strategy

June 10, 2015

We’ve been talking about the connections between customer service and its impact on the growth of service contracting businesses.

We’re not the only ones who see this critical connection. Read this excellent blog post titled “Customer Service is a Marketing Strategy” by Ben Landers, the President of Blue Corona. In the conclusion, Ben says:

“The goal of marketing is to position your company as the right solution for your target audience. Marketing is supposed to engage your target audience and pique their interest so that your sales team can convert those who are qualified into customers. Nothing can compete with remarkable service to achieve these goals, nothing.”  Read the blog post.

Nordstrom rocks at customer service

We’ve all had experiences like Ben’s when our expectations weren’t met, or we were frustrated by poor communication. Ben’s post uses Nordstrom as an example of a company that consistently gets it right and has a very happy customer base.

For a service contractor, each interaction is a marketing opportunity.  Whether it’s office staff taking a new service call or a tech speaking with a customer, each interaction strengthens – or weakens – the relationship your customers have with your brand. Perpetual Service results in perpetual marketing.

Today we will leave you with this question: Do your customers sing your praises as strongly as Nordstrom’s?

Even if you’re providing a maintenance or mandatory service that won’t get your customers as excited as a fantastic pair of shoes, (service contractors love great shoes, right?) there’s no reason for the customer experience you provide to be anything but excellent. Find tips for using technology to improve your customer service in the book The Digital Wrap: Get out of the truck and go online to own your customers.


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