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Cloud Computing & Service Contractors – A Perfect Match

Billy Marshall
April 1, 2015

Service contractors need the cloud, but over and over again we see companies that are confused or unsure about how moving to the cloud will affect the operations of their business. Change is scary.  As human beings, we are wired to avoid change, especially when it concerns a switch from what we are use to.


Cloud Computing

At a recent HVAC convention, our VP of sales witnessed two different speakers advocating the benefits of cloud computing for service contractors. Obviously, we are always pleased to have others singing the same tune. Here are a few excerpts of what was said:

The Cloud is Secure –  One attendee described how all company data on their PC server was held hostage with Ransomware that cost more than $10,000 to remove.  Huge organizations like Amazon, Google, and the US Government store billions of documents in the cloud.  Virus protection and security are an integral part of data management and these large organizations would never store data in a location that wasn’t secure.  Do you trust technology experts to build strong security or do you trust one of your administrative staffers to know about the latest virus, bug, or software flaw?

The Cloud is Cheap – There’s truly no reason to maintain a mail server anymore (or any other type of server, for that matter).  Dozens of cloud applications can not only provide a hassle-free email solution, but a more feature rich solution as well.  No one wants to pay an outside IT professional to be their problem solver.  The cloud has lowered the price of software solutions by allowing software companies to put more power and more features into the hands of users.  Cloud storage is essentially free. There’s truly no need to buy more file cabinet or PC hard drives.

The Cloud Empowers Your Customer Service –  Items stored in the cloud can be accessed from any device – PCs, tablets, or smartphones.  Your technicians can answer questions faster and with greater accuracy, even when they are in the field.  Customers expect speed and accuracy. (Don’t we all use Google for fast answers?)  Showing clients before and after photos, online work acknowledgements, past work history, or old invoices make you and your team shine.

The key point  is simply this: Cloud computing is a perfect match for service contractors and their business operations.  Embrace the cloud and prosper.

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