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Career Planning Advice: Plant Deep Roots Instead of Shallow Ones

July 20, 2021

Where do you see yourself in five years? The interview question always seems difficult to answer because it’s hard to predict the opportunities that will come along with the career choices you make. Lauren Rice and Gaganjeet Singh recently celebrated five-year anniversaries with ServiceTrade. Let’s look back at how they got to where they are today.

Lauren Rice moved from piano sales to software sales when she joined ServiceTrade. At that time, she was one of six members of sales who divided her time between prospecting, conducting demos, and closing deals. Lauren’s path moved her from this hybrid sales role to an inside territory manager, to an outside territory manager, a senior territory manager, then to her current role as director of sales in the west. Lauren has a deep well of knowledge about our software, the customers she works with, the industry, and sales methodology. Lauren is a valued leader in ServiceTrade’s 40+ person sales organization, a culture driver, a hard-working tradeshow socialite, and an active social media maven.

Lauren speaks at a recent virtual conference.

Gaganjeet (“G”) Singh started at ServiceTrade in customer success in 2016 when onboarding and support were the only services the company offered. G came into ServiceTrade with a drive to tackle complex cases and quickly became the guy to go to for onboarding larger, more challenging accounts. G was one of ServiceTrade’s first technical account managers, he developed the first PartsLedger mobile app, and along with VP of Customer Success James Jordan created professional services focused on customer needs that became a service offered by a team of engineers. G’s trailblazing path at ServiceTrade has taken him from customer support specialist, to onboarding engineer, to technical account manager, to now a software engineer in R&D.

Gaganjeet “G” (at right) on stage at the Digital Wrap Conference.

You don’t have to jump to a new company every 18-24 months to advance your career if you find a company that will invest in you. We think it’s a lot more fun and rewarding to expand your skills, take on new responsibilities, and earn promotions with compensation increases that match your growth.

If you want to work in a company that will help you get where you want to go, join us at ServiceTrade where we’re adding new members to every department.

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