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Best of 2018

January 8, 2019

It’s always interesting to look back at our blog posts at the end of a year and see what our readers were most interested in. In 2018, there was a clear theme:  Using technology to do more and earn more. Here is the top 10 list from 2018:

  1. How to Make Billions Selling Nothing – The Story of Red Hat
  2. Jeff Bezos’s Advice for Service Contractors
  3. What skilled labor shortage?
  4. What’s technology worth? How to value your technology investments.
  5. 254,484 Quotes: Rich, Fast, and Easy
  6. An Easy Differentiator for Service Contractors
  7. A Story of Growth – AAA Fire Protection
  8. Soon: The Smart Service Revolution
  9. Good is Not Good Enough – How Amazon Raised Expectations to Feel Good for Commercial Service Contractors
  10. Fraud Doesn’t Pay, But Consistent Results are Worth Billions


Our favorite read from 2018 is the new book Money for Nothing: How Commercial Service Contractors Earn More Pay for Less Work by Billy Marshall and Shawn Mims. Get your copy at

We hope Money for Nothing, these posts, and those to come in 2019 help you achieve your audacious goals. Happy new year!

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