ServiceTrade Acquires Assets of Asurio

The combination will empower specialty contractors to reduce risk and streamline inspections.   Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of specific assets from life safety inspection software company, Asurio.…
Centralizing field service data

How Centralized Data Benefits Your Team and Your Customers

From scheduling to servicing to billing, the work of commercial service contractors is a big collaboration. The key to peak operational efficiency and excellent customer service is centralized data that is consistent and accessible to all team…
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The ServiceTrade + Sage 300 CRE Integration Streamlines Processes and Enables Quicker Invoicing

The ServiceTrade + Sage 300 CRE integration streamlines accounting processes, saving time and staff resources, all while getting invoices to customers faster.  For ServiceTrade contractor, Total Fire Protection, the integration has had a…

5 Steps to Growing Pull-Through Repair Revenue

In a tight labor market, many service contractors are at capacity, with no room to take on new customers. To continue growing at such a time, businesses must find ways to increase revenue from existing customers. In fact, ServiceTrade’s recent…
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Lessons from VSC Fire and Security: How Centralized Customer Data Drives Efficiency and Revenue

The strategic team at VSC Fire and Security has never shied away from technology. Even before the first service management software solutions hit the market, VSC was utilizing a custom-built database to streamline the creation of their building-specific…
raising service pricing

Raising Prices During Inflationary Times and Beyond: Part II

In Part I of this series, I shared my thoughts on how a service contractor's Digital Wrap enables them to routinely raise prices while retaining customers. We talked about (a) the importance of consistently presenting your brand as a premium…
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Raising Prices During Inflationary Times And Beyond: Part I

What Should I Do About Inflation? Give ‘Em a Big Ass Price Increase! The most efficient way to grow revenue in your business is to increase the price you charge for the services that you provide. Sounds easy, right? Well, it can be if you…

Money for Nothing Scores Money for Something

Five years ago, Shawn Mims and I wrote a book called Money for Nothing: How a Digital Wrap Earns More Pay for Less Work. We did that because we felt we needed a clever way to get the attention of a market that was generally not inclined…
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Don’t Use Residential Software for a Commercial Service Business

Commercial and residential service contractors work completely differently. So why would a commercial contractor adopt service management software designed for residential contractors?     While they work in similar fields…