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27 Local SEO Tactics for Service Contractors

Shawn Mims
June 1, 2016

Every company wants to easily be found on Google, but search engine optimization (SEO) is a mysterious realm for most people, especially service contractors who deal with a unique set of challenges associated with local search results. Working to rank high in searches conducted by people in your nearby communities is a service company’s most important form of SEO. We are always on the hunt for good advice to pass along, and this week we found a fantastic article by UpCity that not only explains local SEO but also provides a step-by-step guide for succeeding with Google and other search engines: 27 Local SEO Tactics for Completely Dominating Your Local Market

27 Local SEO Tactics for Completely Dominating Your Local Market

There is only one minor change that should be made to the steps provided in this guide. Experts often recommend completing parts 2-4 of this guide BEFORE creating or updating your Google My Business page as described in the first part. Creating or updating your Google My Business page will likely trigger Google to crawl your website and external citations to determine how to rank your company in search results. If you complete this step first, there is no telling how long it will take Google to crawl the information available about your company; leaving Google with an incomplete picture.

Implementing modern search engine optimization as a part of a comprehensive Digital Wrap strategy takes a lot of work, but will yield new inbound prospects that make it well worth your while.

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