Marketing Resources for ServiceTrade Customers

ServiceTrade helps you stand out from the competition. Use these marketing resources to promote those differentiators on your website and other marketing materials.

Objectives and Guidelines

What do you expect to get from promoting ServiceTrade to your customers?

We can’t answer that question for you, but we might be able to help you set some realistic expectations and create some web content that helps get you there.

  • Set yourself apart from the competition – ServiceTrade’s customer service features give you a strong advantage.
  • Sell on more than labor rates – Your customer service experience and the information they glean from it are worth a premium price – but you have to show them and tell them about how they get more from spending more money with you.
  • Keep customers for the long haul – The information you collect and share with customers online is yours, available through your website. Customers don’t relish the idea of leaving that all behind to chase a 20% lower labor rate or other promises from other vendors.
  • Boost your brand – Customers and prospects will respect your brand as being tech-savvy and easy to work with.

Guidelines for Success

  • Talk to customers about the things that matter to them. They don’t care if ServiceTrade syncs with accounting or what your scheduling regions are. They care about customer service and the information you collect and share back with them.
  • CUSTOMIZE.  We are giving the same starting content to all of our customers, but it doesn’t help you stand out if you use the exact same website copy as each other. So please consider this a starting point. It’s always easiest to edit copy than to start with a blank page, so that’s what we are providing.
  • Integrate calls to action. Make sure that your website has plenty of ways for people to raise their hand that they want what you’re selling!  Many customers put a form on their ServiceTrade page. Consider positioning it as an offer to show them first hand what the online reports, online quotes and service history will look like if they work with you.
  • Just get started. The beauty of website copy (especially on WordPress sites) is that it’s easy to update it. Don’t feel like you have to spend weeks making it absolutely perfect. Customize your starting message, run it through Grammarly to check grammar and punctuation, then tweak it as time goes on once you have some audience feedback.
  • This one is for us: Would you please make sure that your copy links back to in at least one place?

Website Examples

Visit ServiceTrade’s example site at to login to a working customer portal and to see an example of how to talk to customers about ServiceTrade throughout your service website.

See examples from these ServiceTrade customers:

ServiceTrade Logo

Download ServiceTrade logo (png)

Email for other ServiceTrade logo formats and sizes.

ServiceTrade Screenshots

These screenshots use fake logos and company names. For the most impact, creating these screenshots from your own ServiceTrade account, or editing these images to superimpose your logo and company name will have the most impact on your readers.

Service Portal

Service Link on computer screen

Service Link on mobile screen

En route notification

Quote on iPad


Customer Benefits Copy

Copy Templates

The two documents that you can download at right are starting points for website and email copy.  Please see the guidelines at the top of the page for instructions about customizing them to make them unique to your company.