• Service Managers have visibility to everything, whether they are at home or on the road.

  • Technicians limit interactions with customers and other employees.

  • Front office staff work from home without missing a beat.

  • Salespeople quote what needs to be repaired without any site visits.

Service managers keep productivity up and people focused on the right priorities.

  • Use the dashboard and dispatch board to see that everyone is where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there. 
  • Visit a job record to see pictures and videos taken by techs on site to help troubleshoot and find the right next steps.
  • Run reports to measure productivity and see where there might be backups that need attention.
  • Keep track of COVID-19 delayed work so you can measure the impact on revenue and start planning ahead to catch up.

play for a tour of the ServiceTrade dashboard

Dispatch technicians from home and eliminate face-to-face interactions.

Give techs everything they need to run their day on their mobile device.

  • Techs’ schedules and work order information including location details, services to perform, asset details, and service history are in the mobile app.
  • Going paperless keeps techs from congregating in the office while they pick up or drop off paperwork.
  • A list of safety reminders in each work order keeps health guidelines top of mind.

Eliminate the need to see the customer face-to-face.

  • Information for the on-site contact is in the mobile app for techs to call instead of meeting in person.
  • Follow up online with pictures and videos of the work completed so techs don’t have to interact with the on-site contact at the end of the call.

Proactively collect info about the job to share with the rest of the company.

  • Photos, videos, audio notes, and digital paperwork are in the application and visible to the rest of the team. The front office, back office, and sales take action on the vital info collected by technicians without going on site themselves.
  • Repair opportunities are recorded in the mobile app as a deficiency with pictures, audio, and video of the problem for sales to convert to a quote.

Move the front office command center to each worker’s home.

Keep service commitments, technician schedules, and customer engagement on track.

  • Use the dashboard for an at-a-glance view of the day’s priority tasks.
  • Schedule planned jobs, dispatch techs, and book emergency calls just like you do in the office.
  • Tag appointments and locations affected by the COVID-19 shut down so you can get back to them later.

Find answers to customer questions inside the well-organized location page.

  • View all of the customer’s location and service history and share records with them in the online Service Portal.

Keep track of work orders as they move through the service cycle so they’re closed and passed to accounting ASAP.

  • The web application is the same that everyone uses back in the office so there’s no slow down or process changes while working remotely.

play for a tour of the ServiceTrade map-based scheduler

Keep growing the sales pipeline with no-site-visit-required repair quotes.

  • Prepare quotes for repair work with the information collected by technicians so a salesperson doesn’t have to go on site.
  • See when customers are looking at your quote and call them! Let them think it’s a coincidence that you called while they’re thinking about you.

play for a walk-through of creating a quote

ServiceTrade customer B&W Mechanical transitioned their team to working from home in mid-March. Vice President Brad Boggs answered 5 questions about how they are staying on track with ServiceTrade.

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